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Middletown, CT set to March on Bank of America 4/27/2012

For a movement that is supposed to be dead, Occupy is curiously active.

Take this word sent to Irregular Times by Daniel Pflaker of Wesleyan University today:

What: #Occupy march on Bank of America

Where: Wesleyan University’s Olin Library

When: Friday, April 27, 3pm

Middletown’s Main Street branch of Bank of America will be the target of a march and a “people’s foreclosure” on Friday, April 27th. Wesleyan students, local Middletown residents, and activists from across the state will meet at 3:00pm on the steps of Wesleyan University’s Olin Memorial Library (252 Church St.) before marching on the bank and symbolically “foreclosing” on it. The demonstration will be in protest against Bank of America’s support of environmentally destructive practices, predatory lending practices which target minorities, thousands of home foreclosures, and ability to shape US policy through unrestrained lobbying, among other unethical practices.

This action is part of a broader “Move Your Money” campaign on Wesleyan’s campus through which students are being encouraged to withdraw their funds from corporate banks and reinvest them with local credit unions, which are being brought to campus to facilitate the transfer. The campaign is being organized by students active in the Occupy movement.

Dead? Not so much. Occupy keeps right on trucking.

5 comments to Middletown, CT set to March on Bank of America 4/27/2012

  • jeffrey "JK" Kelly

    Yep. I’m sitting here listening to a talk about accuracy and balance as a journalist at the Newsuem and it’s a contrast to today’s “media with an agenda.” First they report the “demise” of the Tea Party which turned out to be highly exagerated and then they report the demise of Occupy which is alive and kicking. Would it be more accurate to report the demise of reliable mainstream journalists? Those who recognise the true grass roots aspect of both these groups should join forces. The enemy is elsewhere. Jeffrey “JK” Kelly, The Teacher

  • Nick

    Get a life Wesleyan. Stop bothering Middletown. Go study or something instead. Isnt it almost finals time?

  • Ross

    Hey! I was part of this march, it went really well. A few people closed their bank accounts (they initially didn’t let any protesters who were also customers into the bank to do so, then let 3 out of 4 in), we talked to a lot of people in Middletown and helped to promote a community gathering we’re having tomorrow, and we’re having an ongoing bank transfer week on campus at Wesleyan University, too. The march was fun and it wasn’t huge, but we got our message out, organized against the bank, and did it in a joyous way, joining millions of people in doing so. It was great, and we’re all looking forward to another Occupy-inspired-and-organized event here tomorrow (the community gathering) and we’re excited to head down to NYC on May 1!

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