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Mike McIntyre Uses Prayer As A Pose For Power

That’s My Congress points out a case of holy hypocrisy in Congress. The Constitution clearly sets religious matters outside the set of activities that Congress is supposed to deal with, but U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre interrupted the legislative business of Congress this week to give a speech about how all Americans ought to participate in the private, sectarian National Day of Prayer next week (an event that isn’t really national at all, given the religious diversity of the USA).

The oddest part of McIntyre’s little religious rant was when he sermonized, “We know that the true source of power cannot be found here in the Halls of Congress or in the Oval Office in the West Wing or in the chambers of the Supreme Court, but only on our knees before the one who is the true source of power!”

Does Congressman McIntyre really believe that? I don’t think so, because he’s spent his whole career pursuing power through corporate money, and through the power of government, not through prayer. If Mike McIntyre truly believed that true power is found in prayer, rather than in Congress, he’d be back home praying, not working like hell year after year to stay in Congress.

Mike McIntyre doesn’t care enough about prayer to center his own life around the practice, so what right does he have to lecture to the rest of us about how we’re not praying enough? Like most other conspicuously religious politicians, Representative McIntyre is just using prayer as a theatrical prop, to try to gain votes for himself.

Praying loudly in the public square is not what the Jesus suggested. I wish there were someone around to remind Mike McIntyre about that… someone like… gosh, I don’t know who…

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