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Indiana Values SuperPAC Isn’t Based In Indiana

In Indiana, the veteran Republican U.S. Senator Richard Lugar is being challenged in next week’s GOP primary by Richard Mourdock, a Republican politician who complains that Lugar isn’t conservative enough. Lugar’s record looks plenty conservative to most voters – he’s got a That’s My Congress liberal score of just 8 out of 100.

red indianaIn this battle of Right Wing vs Right Wingier, a secretive Super PAC loyal to Senator Lugar is attacking Richard Mourdock with television attack ads. The ads are paid for with “independent expenditures” – money that could come from just about anywhere.

The name of this Super PAC is Indiana Values SuperPAC Inc. With a name like that, you’d expect the SuperPAC to based in Indiana. The offices of the Indiana Values SuperPAC are hundreds of miles away from Indiana, though. They’re at 1823 23rd Street NW, Washington D.C., in a posh townhouse just two miles from the White House. These Indiana Values seem to be imported.

Indiana Values SuperPAC is run by Andrew Klingenstein, a venture capitalist, D.C. insider, and former aide to Senator Lugar.

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