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NYPD Investigates May Day Protests Even Before They Begin

The May Day protests taking place in New York City and across the nation today are examples of what good citizens in the United States are supposed to do. They’re free speech, free assembly, and the right of petition in action.

Yet, in New York City, the police are treating these constitutionally-protected protests as if they’re criminal behavior. Yesterday, in several locations, the NYPD entered activists’ homes under the guise of other business and began interrogating people about plans for the May Day protests.

What do you think would happen if the New York City police made a habit of coming into the homes and offices of Wall Street investors and interrogating them about their plans for political activities? How long would Michael Bloomberg allow his friends to be harassed in such a way?

may day protest 2012

As this photograph of Bryant Park this morning shows, New York City residents aren’t letting police intimidation, or poor weather, stop them from taking place in the May Day general strike. They may be doing so under tarps and umbrellas, but large numbers of people are turning out in a renewal of protest against the economic domination of the One Percent.

Large numbers of police are turning out as well. There are reports of 30 police cars, and huge numbers of police officers on foot and horseback, ready to protect the people of Wall Street from the sounds of protest against their greed and dishonesty.

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