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Republicans Push Out Romney Staffer. For Performance? No, for being Gay.

Some credit is due to Mitt Romney for hiring political staffer Richard Grenell despite the fact Grenell is openly gay.

Think about that sentence. Is this still a world in which people who don’t discriminate against gay people are worthy of special recognition? If you’re living in the Republicans’ world, it is. Grenell resigned from the Romney campaign after waves of Republicans criticized Romney for employing Grenell. Did critics have a problem with Grenell’s job performance? No. They just had a problem with Grenell being gay.

2 thoughts on “Republicans Push Out Romney Staffer. For Performance? No, for being Gay.”

  1. t ball says:

    “Real” Americans don’t vote based on bigotry.

  2. Bill says:

    Well, that’s 10% of the electorate he can definitely kiss goodbye. Or, shake hands, or something.

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