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Romney At The Ritz In Pentagon City

There are many problems Americans are facing as we near the 2012 presidential election, but if we had to boil those problems down to the fundamental issues, I think that we would arrive at two core problems:

1. The USA has become habitually militaristic, spending far too much on outlandish military projects and fighting war too often and for too long.
2. The political system in the USA is controlled by a financial elite that has been so successful in creating a gap between itself and the working people of the country who create wealth that it has become out of touch with the difficult economic realities that the majority must deal with.

These two political problems will converge at 5:00 PM today, and the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is scheduled to stand at the epicenter of their meeting. The Sunlight Foundation has come across an invitation for a Romney for President campaign fundraiser tonight — taking place at the Ritz-Carlton in Pentagon City.

pentagon city fundraiser

For Mitt Romney to choose a hotel designed exclusively for wealthy visitors is hosting a campaign fundraiser right in the middle of the community that shamelessly serves as home base for corporate war profiteers exhibits a fearless embrace of the power of big money. Romney doesn’t seem at all bashful to be seen taking piles of cash from influence brokers. Instead, he seems to be advertising the fact, making it plain to all the powerful insiders that he’s the candidate who can be trusted to serve as their Corporate Consultant In Chief.

The invitation goes on to explain that no one will be allowed to participate in tonight’s “policy roundtable” without giving a minimum of $10,000 to the Romney presidential campaign. Those of us who can’t afford to make the ten-thousand-dollar bet that Mitt Romney can only sit on the outside, wondering what kind of deals are being made by the elites inside the pay-for-play pavilion.

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