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Making Peace With Wolves

Since Barack Obama cleared the way for wolves to be taken removed, through political intervention rather than scientific judgment, from protection under the Endangered Species Act, 553 wolves have been purposefully killed by human beings in the United States. This slaughter is taking place in spite of the severe agricultural damage being done by deer, feral pigs, and other animals that have historically been controlled by wolf predation.

It’s been generations since wolves were hunted into near extinction in the United States. Yet, after all this time, people still haven’t come to grips with the idea of the wolf as a ravening, terrifying predator. The wolf still stands as an evil character in our imaginations, even though far more violence is inflicted upon human beings and livestock from domesticated dogs. Wolves, being wild, mostly steer clear of human territory.

This week, the state of Wyoming announced that it’s going to join the growing list of states that encourages the hunting of wolves. In some areas of the state of Wyoming, there won’t be any limit at all to the number of wolves that can be killed.

As hatred of wolves is growing, level headed Americans have a responsibility to encourage a more balanced view. We don’t need to deny that wolves kill and eat other animals to survive, but neither do we need to deny our own similar nature. Wolves may seem frightening, but if we can come to peace with that fear, we can become better masters of our own minds.

It’s with this idea in mind that I created this peace wolf tshirt design: A collection of wolves, captured in silhouette, gathered into the shape of a peace symbol. Rather than attempting to control every aspect of the natural world that disturbs our civilized sensibilities, we can allow some space for another kind of intelligence to roam free.

peace symbol made of wolves

2 thoughts on “Making Peace With Wolves”

  1. Mel says:

    Some animals I just don’t like and want to get rid of though: alligators, snakes, etc.

    1. paloo says:

      Why? Why get rid of them? What good does that do you, Mel?

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