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The 72 Post-Cancellation Tweets about Americans Elect

Since the morning of May 1, when Americans Elect was forced to cancel its first primary vote due to a very low participation rate, there have been just 72 posts on Twitter (“tweets”) using the hashtag #AmericansElect. Here’s a breakdown of the tweets by subject matter:

37 tweets: The cancellation of Americans Elect’s first primary vote
11 tweets: The declared presidential campaign of Buddy Roemer
9 tweets: Automatic “I signed up” notices of new members of Americans Elect
6 tweets: The declared presidential campaign Ronald Grey
2 tweets: The draft presidential campaign of David Walker
2 tweets: The draft presidential campaign of Jon Huntsman
2 tweets: Links to an essay by Walter Russell Mead lamenting the fact that Americans don’t like Americans Elect
1 tweet: Link to the effort by Richard Grayson to take over the Americans Elect Party in Arizona
1 tweet: French commentary on Americans Elect
1 tweet: German commentary on Americans Elect

Just as most of the action by people is to walk away from Americans Elect, most of the talk by people is about the shut-down of Americans Elect votes.

3 thoughts on “The 72 Post-Cancellation Tweets about Americans Elect”

  1. Steven says:

    I’m still worried about one thing concerning AE.
    They’ve got ballot access in about 25 states, right?

    I can imagine Ackerman saying,
    “I’ve got this thing, and it’s fucking golden. I’m just not giving it up for fucking nothing” (Blagojevich, Dec 08)

  2. Rick says:

    I wonder if he plans to shake down the major parties, or get paid to destroy it. You may have answered the question as to how Ackerman could profit. He also wouldn’t care about who he hired and how much personal baggage they brought along if it’s just a shakedown. Sorry to flog the proverbial expired equine, but the owner of the signature firm he is using (Michael Arno) has a track record of unpaid bills, “borrowing from campaign funds”, and business partnerships with two convicted pedophiles. Ackerman demanded a refund of nearly $30,000.00 from Arno (, and changed his IRS status to avoid disclosure. I wonder if one of them has some compromising photos of of the other?

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