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4 Days Left to Americans Elect 2nd Ballot Deadline, No Candidate halfway to Qualifying, and still getting Coverage

Americans Elect Rules 2.2.2 and 3.2.2 stipulate that any draft or declared presidential candidate wishing to qualify for any of its three rounds of presidential primary voting must obtain sufficient clicks of support on its website 7 days before a round of voting occurs. The sufficient amount varies according to who you are. If you’re a political insider, you need to obtain 1,000 clicks of support in each of 10 states. If you’re a political outsider, you need to obtain 5,000 clicks of support in each of 10 states.

The first round of voting was on May 8, which meant that to appear on the first round ballot, candidates had to get enough clicks of support by May 1. No candidate got enough support, so the first round of presidential primary voting was cancelled.

The second round of voting is on May 15, although Americans Elect is forgetting all about last week’s dustup and is now calling its second round its first. In order to appear on the second round ballot, candidates must get enough support clicks before May 8. There are less than four days left for that to happen, and not one draft or declared candidate has won even half the number of clicks of support needed to get on the ballot.

The top declared candidate, Buddy Roemer, has been hitting national TV since last November to promote his Americans Elect candidacy. To qualify, Roemer’s supposed to nab 10,000 supporters across his top 10 states. As of this morning, Roemer only has 2,243 votes in his top 10 states. Ron Paul, the top draft candidate, is doing a little better with 4,595 votes. But even that level of support doesn’t take Paul across the halfway mark.

While Americans Elect has been getting national coverage over and over again for centrist presidential efforts that can’t attract more than 5,000 qualifying votes, the New York Times won’t cover an actual grassroots protest that puts 10,000 people in the street.

The most people can do is to mock that skewed coverage. When Politico inexplicably talks up the deeply unpopular draft presidential candidacy of David Walker again and again and again and again and again, and when David Walker tries to use that that coverage to advance his boss’ Social Security privatization plan, AE Transparency hits the right note:

David Walker smackdown

400 supporters may make you a presidential celebrity in the DC Beltway if you’ve got the right name. 10,000 people marching in the street may get ignored in the papers if they’ve got the wrong name. The only way to fight this trend is to keep pointing it out.

7 thoughts on “4 Days Left to Americans Elect 2nd Ballot Deadline, No Candidate halfway to Qualifying, and still getting Coverage”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    Two years into its current effort (with Unity08 behind that), Americans Elect looks like it’s finally giving up, at least for this round: only three tweets and two facebook posts in the last 2 days from the Americans Elect accounts.

  2. Joshua says:

    What is Walker referring to when he says that CAI’s Social Security reform framework is getting 95% support among various groups? I don’t know what their reform framework is, but it’s hard to believe any plan could be as popular as that.

    I would be surprised if you could get 95% support for the proposition “puppies and kittens are cute,” much less a method for reforming Social Security.

  3. Joshua says:

    I’m wondering if the “groups with different income and age levels” that Walker was talking about were focus groups.

  4. AE Transparency says:

    Thanks for applauding our tweet, Jim. Personally, we thought a better one was in response to a @DraftWalker tweet which read “No candidate is yet qualified for the #AmericansElect convention. One more reason to #GetWalkerRunning.” To which we replied “What do you mean ‘yet’?”

    Thanyouverymuch. We’re here all week.

  5. Jerry Thomas says:

    I have enough skepticism about AE, but that skepticism does not begin to approach that which I have for the ‘two’ party system we have. It is quite disappointing that AE has not caught on because we desperately need something to take hold to combat the current system that is destroying our country. It’s not that I expected an AE candidate would sweep in to our rescue, but you have to start somewhere. I really would like to have a serious third candidate on the three upcoming televised debates that could at least attempt to force the real issues to the forefront in a manner that befits our ‘great’ country. The twelve points of the No-Labels efforts would be relevant! I could not support David Walker, but he does raise issues in a serious context. If AE has hidden agendas, it has or will collapse on its own weight but I passionately support the concepts it promotes on the surface.


    PS. Jim, I see you have signed into the AE Volunteers Group. I would like to know more about who you are. I provide transparency under the banner of ‘give me liberty or give me death’ and encourage all of us to do likewise!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Who decides what’s a “serious context” is worth considering.

      I have signed into the AE Volunteers group as a way of assessing what it does on the inside. I’m not actively engaged there.

      I regularly provide full information about myself when people voice skepticism.

      Jim Cook
      52 Conway Road
      Camden, ME 04843

      Never been a Democrat or a Republican. Don’t work for any party or candidate or Super PAC or bazillionaire. I’m an open book.

      1. Rick says:

        Do some checking on the ballot access firm Ackerman hired:
        This is a link to the arrest of the former business partner of Mike Arno (company Arno Nicholas and Arno INC, a California corporation) in the videp production business.

        Arno put the personal information of every California voter online with no password protection during the course of the petition drive.

        Additionally Arno’s former Northern California Director of Operations (Will Tranquilli) Spent his final years in a halfway house for sex offenders, under 24 hour supervision and a lifetime internet ban.

        Add to that Mike Arno’s frequent trips to Eastern Europe (a region famous for lacking any thing close to an “Age of Consent Law) and it looks like Ackerman sought ot a firm with a lot of public baggage that would be easy to compromise.

        I’m not sure what their scam is, but I want no part of it.

        To plagerize Shakespeare, sort of:

        Raw sewage by any other name still smells the same.

        Just my $0.02


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