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The Real Hollister Brand Story

Hollister Co. shirts are super trendy with teenagers because, well, a bunch of middle-aged corporate managers have arranged for the brand to be trendy. The brand is actually owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, and though it is supposed to be aligned with a southern California image, Hollister Co. is actually managed from corporate offices in New Albany, Ohio, a suburb that isn’t well known for its surfing community, given that it’s over 100 miles from the nearest large body of water, Lake Erie.

In its promotions, the Hollister Co. is claimed to have been started in 1922, but in fact, its first store opened just eleven years ago. The character John M. Hollister, who is supposed to have founded the brand in Southern California, is in fact a fictional invention from corporate headquarters.

That’s not to say that there is no real story for the Hollister brand name. It’s just not to be found in Abercrombie & Fitch’s promotional materials.

colostomies and incontinenceThe original Hollister brand name started in 1948 with the founding of Hollister, Inc., a brand that survives to this day… Manufacturing and selling medical products for people who have lost control of their bowels or have begun to pee all over themselves uncontrollably.

Young! Trendy!

Hollister Inc. is in the news lately for its connection with a game of golf down in Georgia. Mark Valente III, a lobbyist who works for Hollister, is hosting a golf outing at a country club. At this day of golf, lobbyists and political action committee representatives can pay an old conservative politician, Congressman Paul Broun, for the privilege of time to talk with him out on the green.

Surfing will not be involved. No teenagers are expected to attend.

Brand integrity just oozes out of the Hollister brand name, like… like… like intestinal wastes into a colostomy bag.

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