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Another Americans Elect Campus Leader recruited to join Draft David Walker Campaign

Americans Elect is supposed to be neutral regarding presidential candidates. But two weeks ago, I shared indications that a resource developed by Americans Elect — the Americans Elect Campus Leaders recruited by Americans Elect National Campus Director Nick Troiano — was being used by a campaign for David Walker for President — headed by the very same Nick Troiano.

Add another name on the Americans Elect Campus Leaders list who ended up being one of the very small number of supporters of the Committee to Get Walker Running. Below is a screen capture of the “Walker 100” Facebook page, a private page to be filled with 100 people who each promise to recruit 100 people to vote for David Walker on the Americans Elect website:

The Walker 100 Facebook Page, part of the Draft David Walker campaign

As you can see, the effort to build a “Walker 100” is a failure, with only four members, one of them being Nick Troiano himself and the other being Americans Elect Campus Leader Niki Cvitkovich, who is also the Field Director for the Draft Walker campaign. Another one of those four is Dae Hemphill, who is — you guessed it — an Americans Elect Campus Leader.

It’s completely within the rights of individuals like Cvitkovich and Hemphill to join the David Walker campaign. The purpose of this article is not to question the motives, sincerity or rights of these college students. The purpose of this article is to ask how, along with 7 other known Americans Elect Campus leaders, these Americans Elect Campus Leaders — recruited and nurtured using Americans Elect funds within the Americans Elect system — came within days to weeks to be deployed as the vanguard a political campaign for a particular candidate:

Currently, nine college-age State Coordinators are managing dozens of volunteers in the states that are being targeted by the campaign to achieve the minimum threshold of support clicks

Exactly how did an Americans Elect resource end up being deployed on behalf of David Walker, despite Americans Elect’s neutrality policy? I asked Nick Troiano that question a couple of weeks ago. He hasn’t gotten back in touch with me. It’s time to ask him again.

2 thoughts on “Another Americans Elect Campus Leader recruited to join Draft David Walker Campaign”

  1. John Lumea says:

    Interesting to note the three online resources that the Walker 100 guide flags, to “learn more about our fiscal challenges” — in this order: Concord Coalition, Peterson Foundation, and Comeback America.

    A little slippery to include that second one but not to disclose anywhere in the document what Walker’s connections to Peterson are.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    Update: despite repeated requests, Nick Troiano never got back in touch with me to explain himself.

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