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Obama Administration Covered Up Oil Spill Photos Of Dead Marine Life

Two years ago, the Gulf of Mexico was filling up with crude oil gushing out from the blown out well that had been created by BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig. That drilling platform exploded, killing many of its workers before it sank beneath the waves.

oil spill bp deepwater horizon casualtyThe Obama Administration’s response was to partner with BP, and to work to tamp down public outrage by lying about the extent of the oil spill. Today, we’re learning that the Obama White House had in its possession large numbers of photographs of endangered marine animals covered in oil – including photographs of huge piles of garbage bags filled with dead sea turtles. Barack Obama refused to share these images with the public at the time, however. In fact, journalists who went down to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico were told that they would not be allowed to take photographs of what they saw there.

These photographs are now available only because Greenpeace won a fight against Barack Obama and his aides to obtain photographs of animals sickened and killed by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The Obama Administration has been forced to release these photographs – President Obama still wanted them to remain a secret, more than two years after the oil spill began.

Why? Why was Barack Obama working harder to protect BP and the oil industry from negative public opinion than to protect American shores from the dangers of risky offshore drilling? Why didn’t Obama allow the American public to see what was really happening to the Gulf of Mexico?

Why, for that matter, is Barack Obama now pushing for an expansion of offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Arctic, and all along the eastern and western coasts of the USA?

Most importantly, why should any environmentalist support the re-election of Barack Obama to become President of the United States?

3 thoughts on “Obama Administration Covered Up Oil Spill Photos Of Dead Marine Life”

  1. Tom says:

    Not that the Republicans are “Earth First” people or anything, but this just shows us that there is no choice in the coming election. Vote for either and you basically get the same corporate agenda result. Now he can order us all to detention camps under marshall law. Maybe there won’t be an election this year and Obama will just declare himself Emporer or something.

  2. Tom says:

    oh, i almost forgot. Photos of dying fish, mammals and birds (among other species including plants) are still coming out of the Gulf. Nobody wanted to hear how bad this event was, so i guess they’ll be “surprised” at this.

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