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Bob Dold Sacrifices American Jobs For Foreign Fake Drugs

japanese pharmaceutical lackeyHow far can a politician sink in pursuit of personal profit as a corporate shill? Republican Congressman Bob Dold seems to be trying to find new limits.

Representative Dold talks a lot about creating jobs for American workers, but just yesterday, Dold introduced two separate pieces of legislation that create an economic incentive for jobs to be exported to foreign countries instead of being made in the USA. What’s more, Dold is doing it for the sake of fake drugs.

Dold’s bills, H.R. 5357 and H.R. 5358, will give a special exemption from import fees for two placebos that will be used only by a corporation called Astellas, in clinical trials to required to give two of its pharmaceuticals access to U.S. markets. Now, guess who has received more money from the Astellas political action committee than any other member of the U.S. House of Representatives? That’s right, it’s Bob Dold.

Astellas isn’t the real name of the corporation that Bob Dold is shilling for, by the way. The corporation just uses the assumed name of Astellas while doing business in the United States, in order to avoid making Americans feel uncomfortable. The real name of the corporation is Asuterasu Seiyaku Kabushiki-gaisha. It’s a Japanese-run multinational corporation, headquartered in Tokyo. Astellas Pharma US Inc. is just a subsidiary.

Voters in Dold’s Illinois district don’t have to put up with this kind of pay-to-play politics. This year, Brad Schneider is running to replace Dold in the House of Representatives.

One thought on “Bob Dold Sacrifices American Jobs For Foreign Fake Drugs”

  1. John Lumea says:

    If the bills pass, Astellas will be able to say that “Bob doled.”

    See, then that perfectly will tee up a new Viagra commercial featuring both Bob Dole and Bob Dold shilling for a pharmaceutical.

    The schtick practically writes itself. The spot opens with Dole and Dold standing next to one another. Dold says, “Hi. I’m Bob Dold.” — to which a haplessly deaf Dole responds, “No, I’m Bob Dole.”

    Etc, etc.

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