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News Flash: Political Parties Have Different Ideas

This soggy message just appeared in my driveway:

Bangor Daily News headline: Bipartisanship Lacking in Budget Talks, May 9 2012

Why should it be surprising that different parties have different ideas regarding unsettled areas of policy? Politics is all about handling differences of opinion about how things should be done. That’s why people disagree about politics. That’s why conflict exists in politics. We should be surprised, and even suspicious, if there ever appears to be an easy political solution about which everyone agrees. When you find someone calling for “bipartisanship” or “unity” on an issue, pay close attention. The solution usually involves the suggestion that one side in a conflict change its mind.

Read the article under the above headline and that’s what you’ll see: legislators staking out positions and trying to get other legislators to move to theirs. It’s all right for politicians to charge one another with forsaking “bipartisanship”; they’re understandably seeking advantage in conflict. The rest of us, on the other hand, don’t have to lend that term any credence.

2 thoughts on “News Flash: Political Parties Have Different Ideas”

  1. t ball says:

    Actually, to me the problem is that the entire budget discussion is so far to the right that what we need is more partisanship. The Dems have completely ceded the topic to the Tea Party-fearing GOP that there is no alternate view. We have austerity in the extreme (excepting corporate favors, of course) or austerity in a slightly less extreme version.

    We needed another Teddy Roosevelt, and instead we got a 3rd Bush term with a congress even worse than Truman’s “do-nothing” bunch.

  2. tiradefaction (@tiradefaction) says:

    I don’t really like Carlin myself but this quote here is quite apt

    “The word bipartisan means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out”. ~George Carlin

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