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How Many Americans Would Dye For A Job?

Yesterday, the House of Representatives showed its true colors. While U.S. Representatives have been promising up and down that they would do what it takes to aid job creation here in the United States, yesterday, members of Congress introduced a long list of bills with no purpose other than to help manufacturers keep jobs outside to the USA.

congressional dye import legislationThe justification for these bills: Pretty colors. The bills were all for dyes that are manufactured in countries with records of abusive factory conditions. These dyes could be made here in the United States, but the corporations that asked members of Congress to introduce yesterday’s legislation want to get dyes made on the cheap, without creating American jobs.

Yesterday’s legislation would allow the importation of dyes like Reactive Red 264, Vat Black 25, and Yellow 175, without any import fees. These bills increase the budget deficit while sacrificing American jobs.

What kind of idiotic members of Congress would sponsor such fiscally irresponsible legislation? Their names are Jo Bonner and
Randy Hultgren.

3 thoughts on “How Many Americans Would Dye For A Job?”

  1. Jerry Thomas says:

    Surprise, surprise, surprise! Thanks for your splaying your dye on the subject!

  2. benjamin barber says:

    being consistant with the division of labor, if were not trying to be the cost leader, in a commodity market. It’s actually more advantageous for us to remove tariffs from products, and thus lower the price of the product to the end user, and free up time/capital on the things that were good at.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Wait a minute, Benjamin: If I am the “end user” of these dyes, how many products using the imported dyes do I have to buy to make up for the fact that I don’t have a job because all the dyes are made overseas and not in the United States?

      Quality products don’t have to be “cost leaders” to sell, Benjamin. Following the rabbit trail of cost leadership has led to a devastated economy, filled with crappy products no one wants.

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