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AE Transparency nominates Deleted Candidate for President with Americans Elect

There’s only 1 day left for any candidate to get the needed 1,000 votes in 10 states to qualify for the Americans Elect presidential ballot spot — unless Americans Elect changes the rules in the middle of a vote, that is. AE Transparency has come up with the perfect candidate for president: Mr. Deleted User.

After a heated day-long Editorial Board meeting here high atop the palatial AE Transparency Tower…a meeting involving considerable cosmetic but, fortunately, only minor structural damage…our Board (or, at least, its surviving membership) has determined that now is the time for us to cast aside our non-partisan heritage and take a stand.

Our reasoning is simple: only once in a generation, if that, does a leader come along who truly represents the spirit of his or her times, and who instinctively embodies the way forward. Og the Caveperson, Akhenaten, Zoroaster, Moctezuma I, Joan of Arc, Guy Fawkes, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man — all were such leaders for their times. And now emerges another such Olympian force for good. In the face of such an opportunity we simply can no longer remain silent.

And so we are proud to endorse the candidacy, for the Americans Elect Corporation nomination for President of the United States, of Mr. Deleted User — the right man for our troubled times. Our endorsement is based on the obvious fact that Deleted User is the only Americans Elect candidate with the good sense God gave a goose.

We encourage every Americans Elect Corporation delegate to visit Mr. User’s ‘Candidate’ page at Americans Elect and vote now — and vote often — for Deleted User For President. Only two days (give or take a couple of weeks) remain to get Mr. User’s name on to the May 15th first primary round ballot at Americans Elect, so vote now!

4 thoughts on “AE Transparency nominates Deleted Candidate for President with Americans Elect”

  1. AE Transparency says:

    Thanks, Jim, for your support for the ONLY Americans Elect candidate with NO ties to secret Big Money:> The Honorable Mr. Deleted User. Take a byte out of plutocracy: VOTE DELETED!

    We note, however, that we did not “nominate” Mr. User; we have merely endorsed his candidacy.

    Catch the Fever! WE’RE DELIGHTED WITH DELETED 2012!

  2. AE Transparency says:

    And remember: a vote FOR Deleted User is a vote AGAINST shadowy corrupt billionaires screwing up digital democracy!

  3. michael davis says:

    I am running under the deleted user title. I won’t give out number the bible tells me not to. GOD. TOLD ME SPECIFICALLY. TO THROW MY HAT (crown) into the american political arena .I request. Ron pzul as my vp if he will honor me I will honor him. Two honest god fearing americans. With a message of hope and sxtrength through. Prosperity. I am michael jon thomas davis. I WILL RUN THIS COUNTRY FAIRLY. ONE NATION. UNDER GOD. INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL CREEDS RACES. RELIGIONS AND SPECIES.THE ONLY THING I NEED IS LOVE AND A THOUSAND VOTERSD TO RISE UP AND BE COUNTED. RON PAUL AND ONE MAKE ONE. AMEN

  4. michael davis says:

    Just so there isn’t any confusion. I contacted mitt took a few gifts that I returned.then I contacted president obama and agreed to a lunch I theoretically accepted. Invited both of them to kasog lake. Gosaka .and appzrently they don’t. Want to shed political affiliations for the sake of humanity. I sacrificerd my only begotten son. I requested war council. Presidents have come here before ww1 and ww2 for council. The deal is I ascend with my son joesph soon. You need to voice disdain for lack of transperancy during a national emergency you ever hear of armagedeon.I could cazre less about being president. I cazre about my people azll races species uniting undder god.

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