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Irregular Times Dream Tending Workshop To Begin Tonight – Pay Now!

This summer, Doctor Stephen Aizenstat will offer a three-day Dream Tending Workshop at the Eranos Institute in Ascona, Switzerland. Using “traditional and emerging methods of dreamwork, the workshop will aid participants in experiencing dreams as alive, and equip them with methods for working with the ‘living images’ of dreams.”

Enrollment is limited to 25 participants, so hurry and sign up for this expensive opportunity now!

workshops on tending dreamsOn the other hand, if you can’t afford to fly across the Atlantic Ocean to spend three days tending your dreams, don’t worry. The Irregular Times Foundation Of Light is holding its own dream tending workshops, starting tonight.

Dr. Rampo Steele Skyan, who holds a degree in neurophysics from an accredited holistic cryptozoological research institute, will lead members of workshop teams in hands-on exercises of dream tending. These include:

1. Dreamshoe throwing contest
2. Dream grooming
3. Dream trail rides, with BBQ cookout included
4. Mucking the dream stalls

Whereas Dr. Aizenstat’s dream tending classes are limited 25 participants, the Irregular Times dream tending workshops are limited to 10 participants, so you just know that they have to be better.

What’s more, unlike Aizenstat’s worshops, which are located in the boring old Switzerland of the physical plane of existence, Irregular Times dream tending seminars are held on the ZubZub beaches of the astral plane… for those who spiritually enlightened enough to follow the path. This evening, the earthly portal to the ZubZub beaches will be located in the Eastgate Shopping Plaza in Hoboken, at 8:00 PM. Be there now!

4 thoughts on “Irregular Times Dream Tending Workshop To Begin Tonight – Pay Now!”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    How did you capture that amazing photographic evidence?

  2. Herbie the Cosmic Iguana says:

    You have to learn to tend your dreams just right, or else they won’t sit still for a photograph.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Mine always come out blurry.

  3. Tom says:

    you guys make me laugh at times – thanks!

    interesting take on the world’s problems:

    As The World Turns: Eschatological Capitalism

    (random quote from a this article)
    “The rigidly legalistic institutions and highly prosecutorial character of the Abrahamic faiths — each supporting their own semblance of lawfulness in society and in nature – march loudly but blindly toward the approaching apocalypse in lockstep with the politics of progress and/or perfectability. Meanwhile, countless signs indicate that the desired Eschaton, this glorious advance to perfection, may be drawing to a rather inglorious conclusion. In truth, it looks to be neither the kingdom of god on earth nor a paradise overflowing with virgins. The politicians and policy wonks, corporate elite and entrepreneurs, together with imams, priests, and rabbis are all stumbling over one another in a largely chaotic cacophony, hearkening only to private songs of salvation played by their chosen pied pipers, as the great majority of the world’s population follows mindlessly along while very few try hopelessly to resist.”

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