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Say Yes to the Future, No to Bank-Run America: Protest in Times Square May 15

I note in this morning’s Bangor Daily News that Governor Paul LePage and his Republican allies intend to cut funding for Head Start programs, despite solid empirical evidence that for every dollar invested in early childhood education, nearly nine dollars in economic benefit to society is generated.

I note two excerpts from yesterday’s New York Times:

1. “94 percent of students who earn a bachelor’s degree borrow to pay for higher education — up from 45 percent in 1993…”.

2. “Across the country, elected officials are increasingly unwilling to assume a large share of the bill for public colleges and universities, which seven out of 10 students attend. The change has contributed to sharp increases in tuition and more fund-raising — and the need for students to borrow more. From 2001 to 2011, state and local financing per student declined by 24 percent…”.

Education is not charity; it is an investment in the future which pays off dividends in human success that is as beneficial to our society as it is to each individual successful human being. Cuts to education cuts are cuts to these future dividends — and they are being made so that America’s individual and corporate wealth-holders can maintain higher income today. The burden of drastic tax cuts for America’s wealthiest people is being borne by America’s poorest people at the same time that investment in the future of America’s poorest people is being slashed. In a generation’s time, we will all bear the cost for not investing in our future. America’s wealthiest can absorb the cost. The rest of us will suffer, with deeper enslavement to debt, poorer health, higher levels of crime and greater levels of political disengagement…

… unless we reverse the trend now. American governments cannot pull away from investing in the future and change policy to line the wallets of the rich unless the American people cooperate with these changes. If we reject fat-cat-crony candidates for public office, if refuse to cooperate with these changes, if we resist these changes, we can make the difference.

If you are in or near New York City tomorrow, you can help make the difference. You can help flood Times Square:


Say no to the system that produces record profits for the 1% by impoverishing the 99% of us; say yes to a fair city and a better world!

New York City protests against cuts to social investment on May 15 2012

Culminating on May 15th in a mass convergence at Times Square, NYC organizations and individuals from all across the city will join together in action around the many issues we face: from cuts in social services, to an austerity agenda that redistributes your tax revenue into private hands, to the financial institutions (that we bailed out) that continue to make record profits at our expense.

As part of a global resistance, as part of the Occupy movement, as a broad movement for social, political, and economic justice, we say enough! We reject Bloomberg’s New York, and we demand another city. We reject the notion that there is no alternative, and we demand a better world. Join the week of actions, take to the streets, raise your voice, and come to Times Square on May 15th at 6 PM to stand together as a global movement and declare that another city, and another world, is possible!

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