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Occupy Grammar

I was reflecting tonight, after the remarkable Occupy protest in Times Square today, on the nature of the word “occupy”. What exactly has the word “occupy” come to mean in political discussions over the last nine months? I’m not sure that I have an accurate understanding.

Consider the following two political stickers, in the shape of the continental United States. These sticker maps are exactly the same, except for the words superimposed over them.

In one case, we see an Occupied Territory sticker.

usa map bumper sticker

In another case, we see an Occupy USA sticker.

What’s the difference? What is different about the political message that these two bumper stickers are trying to convey?

3 thoughts on “Occupy Grammar”

  1. Tom says:

    The first could mean “inhabited” by whomever (or even whatever – as in corporations) but the second is a command to “take this space and make it what we want it to be” ala Occupy Wall Street.

    just my 2 cents

    1. Ruphus says:

      The first phrase could liken the United States to the West Bank in Palestine… but how?

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