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Obama Sued For Approval Of Oil Drilling Amid Endangered Whales

Back in 2008, Irregular Times wrote an article blasting Sarah Palin, then Governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President, for supporting oil and gas exploration in the Cook Inlet of Alaska, where “fewer than 375” beluga whales lived. Governor Palin was “pushing for oil drilling operations to be placed up and down the inlet”, we wrote.

My goodness, she was an easy target.

Four years later, the beluga population of the Cook Inlet has dropped. The latest survey found just 284 belugas living there. This group of belugas is genetically distinct from other populations, and are supposed to be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

cook inlet controversyThe Obama Administration apparently doesn’t think that’s important. Sarah Palin’s out of office, and Barack Obama is the one who got into the White House. So, it’s Obama who had the opportunity to stop offshore oil drilling in the Cook Inlet.

Barack Obama did not stop offshore oil drilling in the Cook Inlet. Instead, Obama has pushed forward a plan for the radical expansion of offshore drilling all along the coastlines of the United States. The Obama Administration gave the green light a plan for oil and gas exploration by oil drilling companies in the Cook Inlet.

Now, environmental groups trying to protect the endangered whales of the Cook Inlet have been forced to sue the Obama Administration in a desperate attempt to stop the beginning of offshore drilling there.

Sarah Palin did not find victory in the 2008 presidential election, but her idea of whales-be-damned pursuit of oil drilling seems to have won the day anyhow.

The plight of the belugas was a campaign issue in 2008. Should we look the other way on this issue in 2012, just because a Democrat is on the wrong side of the issue?

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