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Photograph Of Obama Posing As Metrosexual Abraham Lincoln Exposed!

Republican image of ObamaWhen news emerged that the Ending Spending Action Fund Super PAC was planning a television advertisement accusing Barack Obama of thinking that he is a “black, metrosexual Abe Lincoln”, people across the country responded with the question: Is that the best ammunition that the Republicans have against President Obama?

Then, attention quickly turned to Joe Ricketts, the man who created the Ending Spending Action Fund. Ricketts is an extremely wealthy man, so full of cash that he once decided to buy Wrigley Field because he wanted a new toy.

Americans have been asking themselves: If Joe Ricketts is really for ending spending, why doesn’t he end his own spending on extravagant luxuries for himself, and share some more of his wealth with people in need?

Quickly, free association flew out of control, and Americans were starting to make radical comments about how, in a just society, one person wouldn’t be able to turn the discussion about a presidential election simply by proposing an absurd and racist advertising idea.

Weren’t the all just missing the real story, though? The core question remained: Does Barack Obama think of himself as a metrosexual Abraham Lincoln?

Then, late in the day, the photograph emerged… the one you see here. It clearly shows Barack Obama posing as a metrosexual Abraham Lincoln.

Suddenly, the debate shifted. People started demanding to know how many other people in the Obama White House think that they are metrosexual Abraham Lincolns. Does Michelle Obama secretly think that she is goth Eleanor Roosevelt, and if so, what are the policy implications?

But then, just after midnight, a journalist from the Chicago Sun Times discovered that this photograph is not what it first appears to be. It does not depict Barack Obama posing as a metrosexual Abraham Lincoln after all. It actually is right wing pundit Ann Coulter, posing as a black, metrosexual Abraham Lincoln.

Once that was discovered, conversation quieted down. After all, that’s just the sort of thing we would expect Ann Coulter to do. No surprise there, and nothing left to talk about. Sigh.

5 thoughts on “Photograph Of Obama Posing As Metrosexual Abraham Lincoln Exposed!”

  1. Tom says:

    and while that’s going on, we have this quietly happening in the background:
    “The sea ice that blankets the Arctic Ocean each winter peaked in early March this year, as usual, and is now in retreat, en route to its annual minimum extent in September. How low it will go is something scientists worry: Ice reflects lots of sunlight back into space, and when the darker ocean underneath is exposed, more sunlight is absorbed to add to global warming.

    That’s the simple version of the story, but things look even worse when you dig into the details. For one thing, all that open water does re-freeze each winter, but it freezes into a relatively thin layer known as seasonal, or first-year ice. Because it’s so thin, first-year ice tends to melt back quickly the following season, giving the ocean a chance to warm things up even more in what National Snow and Ice Data Center director Mark Serreze has called a “death spiral” that could lead to ice-free Arctic summers by 2030.

    But it’s worse than that, says a new analysis by scientists at the U.S. Army’s Cold Regions Research Laboratory in Hanover, N.H. “First-year ice is not just thinner, “ said Donald Perovich, lead author of a report in Geophysical Research Letters, in an interview. “We’re also beginning to realize it has other properties.” The most important: New ice is less reflective than old ice, for most of the year, anyway. It absorbs more heat from the Sun, which means it doesn’t just melt faster: It actually speeds up its own melting.”

    “In short, the death spiral — where more melting leads to more melting — appears to be even steeper than anyone thought.”

  2. t ball says:

    Ricketts asked for a got a huge investment from the city of Mesa, AZ to build a new spring training complex for the Cubs a couple of years ago. Something like $100M IIRC. But he hates government spending.

    Ricketts also asked the Illinois legislature for $200M to renovate Wrigley Field. But he hates government spending.

  3. Bill says:

    The Ricketts Plan saga will surely rank as one of the most bizarre stories of a thoroughly bizarre election cycle. We eagerly await the next logical step: the Scurvy Plan.
    “If Joe Ricketts is really for ending spending, why doesn’t he…share some more of his wealth with people in need?” The answer is obvious: All those needy street urchins would just spend that money on food, clothing, shelter, health care, and other similar entitlements our economy simply can no longer afford.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      The Scurvy Plan, then, is to deprive us all of vitamin C unless we EARN it with a hard day’s work? Come to think of it, doesn’t the air we breathe need to be privatized?

      1. t ball says:

        Considering how weakened the EPA and other agencies charged with protecting our environment have become, the air has effectively already been privatized.

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