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Infuriating Sherlock Holmes

I very much enjoy the actors on the British TV show Sherlock Holmes, but the season 2 finale, broadcast tonight, infuriates me.

We see Sherlock Holmes cast himself off a building, and bludgeon his head in a bloody mess that no one could survive… but then at the end, we see Sherlock Holmes alive! But how?

The clues are obvious… “Dr. Watson, please look at me up here, just keep your eyes up at me… It’s a trick. It’s just a magic trick.” Sleight of hand… get it? You see what the magician tells you to see, because you’re just a dope, and the producers of the TV show are geniuses at manipulating you.

Ha ha ha. How brilliant… but who cares?

The flaw in Sherlock Holmes stories, as they were originally written, and now as they’re being transmitted to the TV screen in this new series, is that the tales are all about how marvelous Sherlock Holmes is, making the rest of us idiots by comparison. The problem with Arthur Conan Doyle’s originals was that there often weren’t any clues at all to enable readers to think through puzzles as Holmes did. Holmes just had secret knowledge.

Now, the TV show’s producers are doing the same thing. They simply have some secret about how Sherlock Holmes survived, and we can speculate about it, but we can’t know… until Season 3 begins.

Readers, am I missing something?

3 thoughts on “Infuriating Sherlock Holmes”

  1. Burton Dines says:

    To the writers of Sherlock.

    This ‘final’ episode of series 2 was in the end disgusting! So Sherlock throws himself from the building and is identified by Dr. Watson. I guess he’s such a bloody mess that neither Dr. W. nor anyone else can tell he doesn’t have Sherlock’s curly hair. So Microft bribes everyone including the funeral parlor to ‘identify’ him. At the funeral – by the way who is in the casket? It can’t be Moriarty; he is as integral to the story as is Sherlock. – Dr.W gives us the cue for series three by asking S. not to be dead and there he is watching his funeral. I would like to suggest a different ending, He IS dead and series 3 is called “Sherlock – The Zombie Chronicles”.
    Oh, and another thing, Sherlock talks so fast that no one can understand or keep up with him. Is that the secret of his brilliance?

    1. J. Clifford says:

      I love the Zombie Chronicles idea – and Sherlock stumbles around moaning “uhhhhh”, but in his own mind he’s saying, “I’m soooo brilliant!”

  2. jeffrey "JK" Kelly says:

    You got it right. We’ll suspend disbelief only so far.

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