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77 Democrats Sacrifice Medicare To Protect Military Spending

If you care about economic justice, if you care about peace, pay attention to the names in the list below. Look for the name of your U.S. Representative in Congress.

Gary Ackerman, Jason Altmire, Robert Andrews, Joe Baca, John Barrow, Shelley Berkley, Howard Berman, Sanford Bishop, Tim Bishop, Dan Boren, Leon Boswell, Bob Brady, Corrine Brown, Russ Carnahan, John Carney, Ben Chandler, Judy Chu, Gerald Connolly, Jim Cooper, Jim Costa, Joe Courtney, Mark Critz, Henry Cuellar, Elijah Cummings, Susan Davis, Norm Dicks, John Dingell, Lloyd Doggett, Joe Donnelly, Eliot Engel, Charles Gonzalez, Al Green, Gene Green, Colleen Hanabusa, Martin Heinrich, Brian Higgins, Ruben Hinojosa, Mazie Hirono, Kathy Hochul, Tim Holden, Steny Hoyer, Steve Israel, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Jim Jordan, Marcy Kaptur, Dale Kildee, Larry Kissell, James Langevin, John Larson, Sander Levin, Dan Lipinski, David Loebsack, Jim Matheson, Carolyn McCarthy, Carolyn McCarthy, Mike McIntyre, Jim McNerney, Gregory Meeks, Bill Owens, Ed Pastor, Ed Perlmutter, Collin Peterson, Silvestre Reyes, Laura Richardson, Mike Ross, Dutch Ruppersberger, Adam Schiff, David Scott, Terri Sewell, Brad Sherman, Heath Shuler, Albio Sires, Adam Smith, Betty Sutton, Ed Towns, Nikki Tsongas, Peter Visclosky, and Tim Walz

These are the names of the 77 Democrats in the House of Representatives who voted on Friday in favor of passing H.R. 4310, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013.

You may remember how, last year, Republicans in Congress pushed Democrats into what was called a “compromise”. The deal was that a Special Committee from the House and Senate would be authorized to come up with a plan for reducing the budget deficit, through increases in revenue or through reductions in spending. That committee had a deadline to come up with a plan, and if they didn’t meet that deadline, then there would be automatic spending reductions in programs like Medicare and the military.

There would be no new taxes if the deadline wasn’t met, though, so the Republicans on that Special Committee just sat there, with no intention to come up with any plan, happy to let the spending reductions go into place. This year, there were supposed to be automatic reductions in money for Medicare and for the military alike.

The cuts in Medicare are coming through, but with the version of the National Defense Authorization Act just passed by the House of Representatives, the cuts in military spending do not take place. A vote for this legislation, essentially, is a vote to allow cuts in Medicare without any counter-balancing cuts in military spending or tax increases. It’s a vote to put all the economic burden onto working Americans, while allowing the wealthy to keep their special tax loopholes.

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 as passed by the House of Friday preserves spending on extravagant weapons program that the Pentagon says it doesn’t want. It keeps open redundant military bases that are not strategically necessary.

The money to pay for this wasteful military spending is being taken from older Americans, by reducing their health care benefits.

Who would vote for such a thing? Well, almost every Republican in the House of Representatives voted in favor of this unjust redistribution of wealth. It’s not just a Republican problem, though. The 77 Democrats listed above voted to approve this unjust arrangement as well.

These Democratic politicians don’t deserve to be re-elected. If you are represented by one of the Democrats listed above, give your representative a call through the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Ask to be connected to your representative’s office, and leave a simple message with the aide who picks up the phone: I’m a liberal, and I won’t be voting for you in November, and it’s because you voted for the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013.

2 thoughts on “77 Democrats Sacrifice Medicare To Protect Military Spending”

  1. Anonymous says:

    and we’re all sacrificing our climate to our ridiculous, short-term “civilization”:

    “Yep, stupid humans wouldn’t do anything but argue about it when they COULD have been starting to change for the simpler and better, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO – well now it’s too fuckin’ late! Great job killing yourselves off you idiots.”
    the rest of the animal, fish and plant kingdoms

  2. Tom says:

    oops, that was me again above (as if you couldn’t tell – it’s my usual rant)
    Here’s a good one:
    “Petition for Listing of the Homo sapiens (“HS”) species as an Endangered Species Pursuant to Federal Regulation of the Endangered Species Act [50 CFR 424.14(b)]

    Submitted by The Automatic Earth Community on May 20, 2012.

    Basic Listing Requirements are Met

    1) The scientific name of the considered species is Homo sapiens, commonly referred to as a “human, human being, person, man, woman, boy or girl”.

    2) It is recommended that the FWS list the HS as an Endangered Species under the ESA.

    3) Humans are technically a “species” that can be listed under the ESA, since they are living beings that exist in the natural environment and interbreed when they are mature. At least 10% of the human range currently lives in “the wild”, without access to adequate shelter. There are currently more than seven billion humans alive on planet Earth, and more than 300 million (5%) existing within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

    General Outline of Argument For Listing Under ESA

    Upwards of 50% of this species’ range has come under the threat of near-term (within the next 50 years) extinction due to economic growth (and it’s natural collapse), untempered development, severe resource mis-allocation, air/water pollution, ecosystem degradation, energy scarcity, climate change, potential nuclear war and a variety of inter-related factors. The global financial crisis of 2007-08 has destroyed the means of subsistence (jobs, incomes, revenue streams, retirement savings, net worth, etc.) across a large portion of the species’ range, and has also led to social and political events, such as protests, riots, revolutions and militaristic repression, that have caused and will continue to cause many deaths.

    Lack of access to clean water, adequate food and basic health care also contribute to many deaths every year. Sharp increases in global temperatures have intensified weather processes around the world, contributing heavily to widespread drought, famine, flood and disease. Unstable political structures and dissident groups with access to weapons of mass destruction threaten to wipe out millions, if not hundreds of millions, in any given month or year. That is especially likely to occur as economic and political structures continue to deteriorate at an accelerating pace and institutions of power become increasingly blinded by desperation.

    Many of these institutions exist within a global banking framework that acts as a predator of the human species that knows NO bounds or limits to its scale and frequency of predation. Through the monetary policies of central banks such as the Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, and the “structural reform” programs of institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, millions if not billions of humans across the species’ range have been driven into poverty, dangerous slave-like working conditions, contaminated living environments (including prison), homelessness, malnutrition, civil war and starvation.

    The well established scientific theory of “peak oil” predicts that much of the human range will be priced out of basic energy requirements (gas for transportation/heating, fuel for cooking, electricity for medical technology, etc.) as well as adequate food supplies, which will lead to many deaths from starvation, illness and violent conflict. The IEA officially reported that global crude oil production had peaked in 2005, and the prospects of offsetting these “unexpected” production declines with alternative modes of energy supply have less than a 5% chance of occurring.

    The above issues threatening the habitat and survival of the HS species are not being addressed by ANY existing regulatory frameworks. In fact, most existing regulations and practices related to these issues, such as the Dodd-Frank Act, the Kyoto Protocol, the “War on Terror”, Quantitative Easing, Stimulus Spending, Mandated Austerity, International “Aid”, etc., are completely ineffective and/or serve to make these threats to the species much more potent than they already are. There is no serious discussion of how to mitigate these threats in any high-level public policy spheres.”

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