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No Labels Fights to Stop the Fighting

No Labels, May 18 2012: “The fight to solve our country’s problems goes on — that’s why you should support #NoLabels”.

No Labels, May 19 2012: “Listen up #Washington: Stop fighting. Start fixing! Plz RT if you agree.”

No Labels Tweets one Day about Keeping up the Fight, and the Next Day about Stopping the Fighting

And yes, in case you were wondering: No Labels’ headquarters is in Washington, DC.

4 comments to No Labels Fights to Stop the Fighting

  • Jerry Thomas

    No-Labels visible agenda promotes a very good direction for our country. Despite the fact that they are closely associated with Americans Elect which has visibly wrecked their stated agenda, what do you know/suspect the real agenda of No-Labels is and what documentation supports your view (prior posts? and keep us informed with new information). In the same vein, Come Back America (and David Walker) provide us with some objective data that are at the heart of our fiscal woes. What do you believe his agenda is? Despite the methods of Americans Elect, would he be a more viable candidate for President than Obama or Romney?

    • Jerry,

      What makes you say the agenda No Labels promotes is “very good?” What makes you conclude that the Comeback America Initiative nominally headed by David Walker but funded by Peter G. Peterson is “objective?”

      If you check out these articles on No Labels, you’ll see that — as with Americans Elect, as with the Comeback America Initiative — a decent share of its connections are to the constellation of groups and people sustained by the money of billionaire social-spending-privatization promoter Peter G. Peterson.

      I think that events on the ground have shown that despite a fair amount of free nationality, David Walker’s candidacy has essentially zero viability outside the DC dinner party circuit.

  • The country needs to take an important step beyond “No Labels” and the “Come Back America Initiative” by calling on the new House Members to change the culture of Congress by electing a new Speaker and revising House Rules. Keep in mind that the new Congress opens with a “clean slate” (No Speaker, no Rules, no Committees, no leaders, etc.) For details, see:
    An outstanding choice for Speaker would be David M.Walker, former Comptroller General. (The Speaker does not have to be an elected Member of the House.)

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