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What Upcoming Protests Do You Know About? How Did You Find Out?

When mainstream media outlets pointedly refuse to cover massive protests on the street, it becomes incumbent upon those of us who write off the mainstream to spread the word of upcoming protest. The problem with finding information off the mainstream is that it can be swamped by the ranks of “serious journalists” who tell us all about rich men selling their piano collections and beautiful women taking their clothes off.

Let me get right to the point: I need your help. I’d like to let people know of populist and populous protests being planned. Do you know of an upcoming protest? Post a comment with a link to protest information and I’ll pass it on. Even better, tell everyone how you found out about that protest so that we can follow your example in the future.

Thanks in advance for your help. Let’s help grassroots activism keep going. Let’s keep spreading the word.

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