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Finding The Real Sporty Vehicle

The experience of driving a Porsche Cayenne SUV is advertised to be something like this:

luxury suv by waterfall

They call it “sporty”, and for the amount of money that a person has to pay to drive a Porsche Cayenne – over $100,000 – you might think that the vehicle could accomplish sporty easily enough. Sporty ought to be well within the cost of a hundred thousand dollars, right?

The Porsche Cayenne certainly has a lot of things – heated seats, plush leather, powerful audio speakers, and such. The truth is, though, that true sportiness just isn’t within the reach of the Porsche Cayenne.

No matter how many extra features a wealthy owner pumps into the vehicle, one thing will remain constant:

sport utility vehicle stuck in luxury

Most of the time spent in a Porsche Cayenne while on the road will be waiting, sitting still in traffic, just like every other car on the road. Every moment in their vehicles, Porsche Cayenne drivers will be sitting still, on their increasing fat behinds, losing muscle mass, getting weaker and weaker, becoming as soft as the cushy luxury seats in which they have found their comfort.

That’s not sporty. You want sporty? This is what a genuinely sporty vehicle looks like:

Red Bicycle

This vehicle costs a lot less than a Porsche Cayenne – just one or two hundred dollars. Of course, it asks more from the person who rides it. A bicycle requires a person to spend their physical energy in order to move forward. Of course, that spending is really just a kind of investment. The more a person on a bicycle pushes, the more power they”ll build within themselves, getting more and more sporty every time they climb aboard.

Sporty isn’t something you can buy with money. Pushing a pedal to hear an engine roar is an exercise in sedentary alienation from the world, relying on a machine to go even the slightest distance. Some people call that luxury. I call it just plain lazy.

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