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Paul Ryan Having Breakfast With Company That Ships Jobs Overseas

Yesterday, the Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives convened for a long day of business at 10:00 AM… and then adjourned its long day of business at 10:05 AM. This came after the House took Monday off. The House of Representatives will be closed for business today and tomorrow as well.

These long periods of vacation for the lower house of Congress, when ordinary Americans are working, are justified as an opportunity for U.S. representatives to go back home from Washington D.C. and meet with constituents in their home district. Mostly, however, these free days are used by members of Congress to go meet with corporate lobbyists and political action committees, begging for money and offering legislative favors.

breakfast with gap inc.That’s what Congressman Paul Ryan will be doing this morning. Five hours from now, Ryan will attend a fundraising breakfast in San Francisco at the headquarters of Gap, Inc. Gap, Inc. is a company that specializes in making profits by taking jobs that could be held by American workers and sending those jobs to sweatshop factories in foreign countries. Paul Ryan happens to promote a legislative agenda that keeps the door open to corporations that set up shop overseas instead of creating jobs in the USA.

So, it’s a very tight relationship between Paul Ryan and the executives at Gap corporate headquarters, which is why the company is helping Ryan meet with lobbyists and take their money this morning. The advertised price for the privilege of sitting at Congressman Ryan’s table and having a nice leisurely legislative conversation with him is $5,000.

Do you have enough money to attend that breakfast?

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