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Presidential Candidate Taking Part In Anti-PGA Protest Today. Guess Who.

Starting in about half an hour from now, and continuing for the next five days, there will be a protest at the Senior PGA Championship in Benton Harbor, Michigan. They’re calling it Occupy The PGA.

economic injustice in benton harbor michiganWhy protest the PGA? One big reason is that the golf course on which the Senior PGA Championship is being played, starting today, was taken from the people of Benton Harbor. That land had been part of a public park, which was supposed to remain open to local citizens in perpetuity. It’s now part of a golf course that can be used only by well off tourists with enough money and time to devote to the sport of scooting around in motorized carts over a gigantic, excessively manicured lawn. The creation of the Harbor Shores golf course is a potent symbol of the way that public goods that have been present for the use of everybody have been taken away and given to the 1 Percent most wealth Americans, as playthings.

One of the presidential candidates has been paying attention to the injustice of the Benton Harbor land grab. One of the presidential candidates will be present today and participating in the protest against the PGA.

That presidential candidate, of course, is not Mitt Romney.

Barack Obama won’t be there, either – even though he was only an hour’s drive away from the protest site just yesterday.

It’s the Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein who will be taking part in the protests.

On Election Day 2012, where will you be: With Jill Stein as she protests with the Occupy Movement, demanding economic justice for all Americans, or with the other presidential candidates as they cozy up with their big corporate contributors?

7 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Taking Part In Anti-PGA Protest Today. Guess Who.”

  1. Fed up says:

    The ” Public Park” had turned into a hell hole used only to sell or use drugs. The beach was littered with used needles. The city commision agreed to lease the property to Harbor Shores. There was no land grab. The city of Benton Harbor has been run by thieves for the last 20 years.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Not thieves, “Fed up.” Public beneficiaries.

      1917: “Perhaps some of you do not own a foot of ground, remember then, that this is your park, it belongs to you. Perhaps some of you have no piano or phonograph, the roll of the water murmuring in calm, roaring in storm, is your music, your piano and music box… The beach is yours, the drive is yours, the dunes are yours, all yours. It is not so much a gift from my wife and myself, it’s a gift from a little child. See to it, that the park is the children’s.” -John Nellis Klock

      2012: restricted access, controlled by the Lake Michigan Hills Golf Club under the management of Renaissance Golf Management. Weekend rate for 18 holes: $55.

      1. J. Clifford says:

        “Fed up”, a large number of Benton Harbor residents disagree with your assessment of the situation.

        1. Fed up says:

          I am a B.H. resident.(51 years) It is a vast majority of residents that do not agree with the PGA protest. The orginizers of the protest will have to bus “profesional protestors” in from other cities. I have watched the city goverment ruin what was once a thriving area.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Fed Up, you think that your Benton Harbor neighbors are paying people to participate in the anti-PGA protest? Where are they getting the money? Do you have any proof of this, or are you just kind of, you know, making it all up?

    Show me a poll of Benton Harbor residents that says that the majority in Benton Harbor oppose the anti-PGA protest. Show me the poll, or we’ll have to conclude that you’re just inventing fake statistics.

    … and it seems that Fed Up has nothing to say on this matter. Ask for facts, and the bluster suddenly fades.

  3. Fed up says:

    Below is from the local ABC 57 news report on the Wednesday protest. Keep in mind the population of Benton Harbor is around ten thousand. A couple dozen people show up, .0025 percent of the population thought is was important enough to show up for the “Death March”. This is not the poll you asked to see, but it paints an accurate picture.
    BENTON HARBOR, Mich. — On Wednesday, Occupy the PGA protests started in Benton Harbor.
    The theme? A death march, to symbolize the city of Benton Harbor being dead.
    A couple dozen activists met in the morning at City Hall and marched to Jean Klock Park.
    They are protesting against Harbor Shores Golf Course and Whirlpool, because they claim there are no jobs.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Okay, so you have no poll. You made the “majority” opposition up. The article you cited noted only “several” Benton Harbor residents in opposition to the protest. That’s like a handful, Fed Up. A handful.

      Also, you have no evidence that protesters were paid to attend. You just made that up.

      Time to fess up, Fed Up… what other “facts” are you fabricating?

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