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ICPurple Billionaire Money Doesn’t Bother Angus King

Angus King, independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Olympia Snowe, adopts the pose of being outraged by the flow of secret money that now takes place through independent expenditures opened up after the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. King says, “Believe it or not, Clarence Thomas wrote a concurring opinion where he said that there shouldn’t even be disclosure, which I found sort of breathtaking. So, the first step, it seems to me, is timely disclosure, so if that billionaire I mentioned from wherever, at least the people of Maine would know who he or she is, where his or her money came from, and on a timely basis, not five days after the election.”

billionaire money from icpurple corrupts political processIf Mr. King truly believes in disclosure, then he needs to let us know: What is his relationship with ICPurple, and what is the source of the money that’s paid for ICPurple advertisements to benefit his campaign?

Angus King’s campaign has been the beneficiary of video advertisements paid for by ICPurple, an organization dedicated to promoting a “centrist” ideology by electing candidates not affiliated with any political party to Congress. Nowhere on the ICPurple web site are Mr. King’s values of disclosure and transparency promoted. It’s no wonder: ICPurple isn’t very transparent itself. Nowhere on the ICPurple web site is the source of the organization’s money identified.

All of ICPurple’s money appears to come from just one man: Billionaire Ted Waitt, retired corporate executive, the founder of Gateway, a computer manufacturer. ICPurple describes itself as “an ever-growing movement of American voters”, but really, it looks like it’s just another front group created by a wealthy member of the 1 Percent who wants to purchase influence for his personal agenda in Congress.

Is Angus King really disgusted with the system of billionaires using Super PACs to buy control over the political system? If that’s the case, then Mr. King should repudiate ICPurple and the money from Ted Waitt that is being used to promote the King for Senate campaign.

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