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Human Rights Under Barack Obama

Amnesty International has issued its annual report about the condition of human rights in all the nations of the world. The organization has this to say about human rights in the United States: “Forty-three men were executed during the year, and concerns about cruel prison conditions continued. Scores of detainees remained in indefinite military detention at Guantanamo. The administration announced its intention to pursue the death penalty against six of these detainees in trials by military commission. Some 3,000 people were held in the US detention facility on the Bagram air base in Afghanistan by the end of the year. Use of lethal force in the counter-terrorism context raised serious concerns, as did continuing reports of the use of excessive force in the domestic law enforcement context.”

Barack Obama has been President for more than three years now. Human rights conditions now existing cannot be attributed merely to leftover problems from the terms of George W. Bush.

Obama supporters: How do you react to Amnesty International’s description of human rights under President Obama?

2 thoughts on “Human Rights Under Barack Obama”

  1. Charles Manning (manning120) says:

    I notice that the Amnesty International report has received little play in the media and on the Net. Just how does it compare what the U.S. to other regimes that endorse the use of torture? Is AI reliably objective?

  2. Gordon Balfour-Haynes says:

    For all his (presumed) good intentions, Obama (or any other president) remains a tool of the military-industrial complex and, as such, is powerless to make significant changes. And “homeland security” is a euphemism used by those who would gain greater control of people’s freedoms: keep the people in fear and insecurity and you have them in your pocket.

    AI is right to criticise, but the US has never been known to take much notice of AI (or the UN) except when it suits Those In Control.

    The USA might have once been the Land of the Free; now it’s merely the Land of the Irony-Free.

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