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Protesters Stop Coal Shipments Through Civil Disobedience

Yesterday, activists from Mountain Justice and Radical Action For Mountain People’s Survival performed two acts of civil disobedience against destructive coal mining in the Appalachians.

Five people boarded an immense coal barge and chained themselves to the ship, immobilizing it for 3 hours. At about the same time, a group of protesters stood on a road with signs protesting mountaintop removal coal mining. They blocked 9 coal trucks for the duration of their protest.

The road protesters were dispersed by police without arrest. The protesters on the barge are facing criminal charges.

2 thoughts on “Protesters Stop Coal Shipments Through Civil Disobedience”

  1. Tom says:

    Great JOB! i commend these brave young people for their actions.

    Of course i’m also going to point out that they only temporarily held up the on-going pollution of the planet and only in this one medium (coal) and only at this site for a few hours. The problem is systemic. Unless the WORLD stops using this shit, some group of resource plunderers will sell it to some OTHER polluters elsewhere. Again, not to pooh-pooh their actions. i’m PROUD of these kids for doing what they did. It’s almost symbolic – a gesture to highlight the problem and suggest we stop before we kill off the entire biosphere. Books have been written about these problems for DECADES and NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. It’s almost like the human species WANTS to kill itself off. The so-called leaders of our nation back this on-going catastrophe up and the law is on the side of the fucking polluters!!!

    Hey, by the way. Remember when i went all ape-shit about the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico during the “little” BP mishap? Well, it hasn’t been “fixed”, and to add to the outrage: old abandoned wells are STILL leaking (all over the Gulf), and still NOBODY (like the President or the oil corporations responsible) IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Here’s some documentation from some concerned citizens:

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