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What Should the National Mammal of the USA Be?

Yesterday, in the U.S. Senate, the following senators signed their names to a bill declaring one particular species to be designated the national mammal of the United States of America:

Sen. Michael Enzi (Republican of Wyoming)
Sen. Michael Bennet (Democrat of Colorado)
Sen. Kent Conrad (Democrat of North Dakota)
Sen. John Hoeven (Republican of North Dakota)
Sen. Mike Johanns (Republican of Nebraska)
Sen. Tim Johnson (Democrat of South Dakota)
Sen. Jerry Moran (Republican of Kansas)
Sen. John Thune (Republican of South Dakota)
Sen. Tom Udall (Democrat of New Mexico)
Sen. Mark Udall (Democrat of Colorado)
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat of Rhode Island)

Given this list, what do you guess the proposed national mammal is? Would you make a different choice?

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