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Photograph Proves Bill Ayers Attends Obama Cabinet Meetings

Back in 2008, when Barack Obama was campaigning for President for the first time, commentators warned that Obama had been “palling around” with Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground. Liberals said that there was nothing to worry about, given that the Weather Underground has been non-existent for four decades, and Bill Ayers is now a theorist in elementary education.

After Obama was elected President, most people dismissed the Bill Ayers controversy, pointing out that President Obama’s policies in the White House appeared to be mainstream capitalist, without a hint of Communist radicalism… as if that proved anything.

with communist flag

Well, now, as you see here, there is proof that Bill Ayers and Barack Obama are still palling around – and working together to bring about the downfall of the United States of America as we know it. This photograph shows Bill Ayers attending a White House Cabinet meeting, sharing a good laugh with Comrade Presidente himself!

What most liberals don’t want to talk about is that the Barack Obama presidency is just part of a plan hatched by Bill Ayers back in 1969.

In the summer of 1969, instead of taking a shower and getting a job, Bill Ayers sat in the basement of the San Francisco Young Communists Commune and wrote a plan for achieving ultimate political domination. Part Three, Section 5, Subsection A, reads, “Throughout the first decade of the next century, I will insinuate myself into the company of Barack Obama, the Kenyan child whose brainwashing appointments are even now going according to plan. With the pre-embedded hypnotic cue ‘platinum rosebud’, I will reactivate his subconscious programming, and he will obey my every command. We will buy Obama the White House, using the Secret Communist Slush Fund I have established, in 2008. The first term in the Oval Office will appear to be normal, so as to lull the American people into complacence. However, in the first month of the second Obama term, we will institute the new Communist People’s Republic of America. We will quash any resistance by first confiscating all guns and Bibles, and then rolling out the Communist tanks now hidden in the Women’s Studies sections of used bookstores across the country. We will devastate the capitalist system with health care reform, and then, when our triumph is complete, I will be the power behind the throne! Only then will we openly drink the blood of the infants in public, as no patriots will remain with the capability of defeating my plan! And to think, none of it will be possible without the creation of public radio!”

Is it too late to stop the Ayers-Obama plan? Pray that it is not, Americans. Pray very, very hard. Pray until it hurts.

2 thoughts on “Photograph Proves Bill Ayers Attends Obama Cabinet Meetings”

  1. Jeff Kelly says:

    Does sarcasm always = smart? No, there is not an empirical relationship. Sarcasm is usually very funny, however, “Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt.”
    ? Cassandra Clare, City of Bones
    Such irony! Yes, but not the irony F. G. and arrogant readers believe.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Okay, “smart” Jeff Kelly. You’ve baited us with a hint of your truth.

      So, astonish me and the “arrogant readers” (Oh, they read with such arrogance! The manner in which they decode words from left to right smacks of elitism!). What’s the irony about Obama and Bill Ayers that you know, but we’re all too dumb to get?

      Come on. Here’s your chance, Mr. Kelly. Tell us The Truth. No one will censor you. I promise.

      As for this article, the way I see it is that some ideas are too idiotic to be addressed in a direct, literal manner every time they come up. Do a search here, and you’ll see that Irregular Times has addressed the weird, communist-focused conspiracy theories against Barack Obama in a serious, fact-based way before. Almost all of the articles that we write are in earnest.

      Now, in the 2012, Republicans are trying to dredge up the Bill Ayers boogeyman again, and this particular Saturday morning, I just can’t bring myself to sit down and explain why it’s so profoundly stupid for the GOP to suggest that a college professor who was engaged in radicalism forty years ago is capable of twisting the pro-business presidency of Barack Obama into a Communist plot.

      Would you like me to write that article? Really? It’ll have nuance and everything! Yawn.

      You know, Jeff, a similar sarcastic article I wrote three years ago, with a fake photograph claiming to prove that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, still gets visitors every single day – Republicans who are really hoping that it will be the real thing. Just for the pleasure of taking these gullible right wingers off the track they expected, it’s worth it for me.

      Now, if you genuinely want to talk about irony, then how about this: That quote from the City of Bones about how unimaginative irony is was itself not imaginative enough to employ an original rhetorical structure. It’s a clumsy copy of Samuel Johnson’s famous line: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

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