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June 2012 Protests: A Partial List (Add to It)

The June 2012 protest calendar of World Can’t Wait is empty. The June 2012 protest calendar of United for Peace and Justice is empty. The June 2012 events list for the ANSWER Coalition consists of nothing but screenings and internal discussion events. These organizations no longer appear to be the vanguard of social movement activity on the left — but that doesn’t mean there’s no social movement activity out there. People are organizing a variety of public demonstrations in their local communities in June, and there’s a national event coming up too.

On June 2 in New Philadelphia Ohio, a Clean Water Rally has been scheduled to counter the attempt of a local board to give toxic hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracking”) the go-ahead. One June 8 in Trenton, NJ, members of the local Americans United chapter will be silently standing in opposition to a fundamentalist “prayer rally” that of course isn’t about prayer at all, but rather a chance to ostentatiously declare before the cameras (Matthew 6, people) that their idea of the supernatural must be enshrined in government.

In Tacoma Washington on June 13, Occupy Tacoma will hold a protest outside the local JP Morgan Chase Bank, encouraging people to avoid acting as “consumer zombies” and begin concentrating their money in more local and less extractive institutions like credit unions. On June 24, New York City kicks off its annual famous gala etc. etc. Gay Pride March. It’s impressive how firmly the march has become an institutional fixture in the Big Apple, eclipsing the St. Patrick’s Day parade that continues to exclude gay and lesbian people from it because its organizers think that same-sex attraction is more offensive that silly green plastic leprechaun necklaces.

Also on June 24 2012 but aiming for a national rather than community-focused message, Washington DC hosts a march against torture, for the repeal of indefinite detention, against the continued use of solitary confinement, and for legal accountability to punish this violation not just of international law but of federal law by agents of the United States government.

Do you know of another protest march, rally or demonstration happening in public during the month of June? By all means, spread the word — let people know in advance! Leave a comment here with the information you have at hand — but don’t stop there. Find every forum you know of that contains people who actually care, and speak out there too. This is how groundswells begin.

One thought on “June 2012 Protests: A Partial List (Add to It)”

  1. Charles Manning (manning120) says:

    There seems to be something of a groundswell in the anti-torture movement. Take a look at Moyers and Company’s show, The remarkable work of Larry Siems and Doug Limon, and the ACLU, is featured.

    The June 24 effort is important. Unless and until prosecutors at some level get the fire in their belly that motivates prosecution, U.S. architects of torture will continue taunting us with their sickening celebration of having gotten away with trashing the noble humanitarian ideals some of us thought our flag stood for.

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