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Higher Education: From a Hand Up to a Slap Down in a Generation

The deal on public university education a generation ago: If you’ve made it in life, that’s great. Chances are you did it with help. So take a portion of your income and pay taxes to help others make the most of themselves through a low-cost public university education. When they succeed, they’ll take a portion of their higher income and help the next generation’s brightest minds make the most of themselves too.

The deal on public university education in this generation. If you’ve made it in life, don’t look around and notice how much help you got. Keep every last penny. Hire a lobbyist to demand tax cuts so you can get an even fancier car, then demand spending cuts on education: “from 2001 to 2011, state and local financing per student declined by 24 percent…”. When universities raise tuition to compensate for decreased taxpayer funding, blame it on the greedy public university professors, even though on average public universities pay lower faculty salaries than private universities and faculty salaries have been flat while tuition has gone up. In the meantime, watch student debt go up: “94 percent of students who earn a bachelor’s degree borrow to pay for higher education — up from 45 percent in 1993…”. As a member of the wealth class, enjoy the income you receive from all the interest students pay on their whopping debt, debt that makes it harder, not easier, for the next generation to do as well as you. As you slap down the next generation to fatten your own pocketbook, complain about kids these days and hire a security guard to keep their stinking protests away from the next shareholders’ meeting.

One thought on “Higher Education: From a Hand Up to a Slap Down in a Generation”

  1. Tom says:

    This will result in many colleges and universities going under due to too few students being able to afford it and more people waking up to the fact that most of the offered degrees won’t help you since there are so few livable wage jobs any more (they’re STILL laying people off and firing unneed labor). The collapse continues in all venues and all fields – it’s all connected. Economics, business, real estate, housing, banking, energy, education, infrastructure, communities, nations, states, cities, towns, the food supply, jobs, global population, climate change, sea level rise, violence, poverty, food shortages, farming, depression, desperation, famine, crime, investment, the stock and bond markets, the Fed, money supply, TBTF banks, our government, the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, the drones being deployed in the US and elsewhere, police brutality and militarization, the coming presidential election, the environment, pollution – and on and on – it’s all interconnected and collapsing. As it picks up speed it will become ever-more noticeable on more and more levels, shocking, and uncontrollable.

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