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Pug Of Vengeance T-shirt

They say that a person’s psychological identity is reflected by the kind of dog that person owns… and that’s kind of bothering you a bit, because well, you own a pug.

A pug is loyal. A pug is friendly, and enthusiastic. A pug doesn’t require as much food as other dogs, and a short walk is a long walk for a pug. All of that’s great, but you also realize that a pug is a little bit ridiculous, and sometimes, owning a pug makes you feel a little bit ridiculous too.

tough pugOther guys have german shepherds, or hunting dogs, or something like that, and when they go out walking, they strut, like they’re showing off something about themselves. A person with a pug doesn’t strut.

But why not? Why do we need to make big, tough outer displays all the time? The fact is that you chose a pug because you’re willing to live with ambiguity. Is it a dog? Is it a cat? Is it distantly related to raccoons, or maybe the chupacabra? You don’t have to drill down to find the answers to these questions. You don’t have to be the braggart who has the answer to everything.

Maybe you got a pug because you’re willing to be laughed at a little, because you realize that life is ultimately just one long series of jokes, some of them light, and some of them cruel, and most of them simply too weird to really get, though you’ll laugh along anyway.

So, that’s why you’ll wear this t-shirt too. It says to people, “Hey, I know I’m a bit far out there, but the truth is that we all are, and so, I could try to strike a pose as something bigger and badder than I am, but we all know that’s just a crazy funny kind of stretch. So, yeah, I’ll even mock you and your weimerammermammerwhateveritis. I’ll puff up my chest and pretend that my dog proves what a badass I am, because I have a P-U-G, and not just any pug, I’ve got the freakin’ Pug of Vengeance!”

Oh, and there’s one other reason to wear this tshirt that’s not so absurd: Unlike those made-in-China sweatshop shirts that all your friends put on because they’re sold for cheap, this Pug of Vengeance tshirt is made in the USA. That really is something to brag about.

2 thoughts on “Pug Of Vengeance T-shirt”

  1. Tom says:

    Well, so what’s that psychologically pigeonhole me as then, with an adult pitbull mix and a Weimaraner puppy?

  2. farrah wall says:

    I would love a free pug t-shirt!I have a pug myself,he’s 4yrs old and his name is Snotts and he’s my love bug and my best friend! Please send me a free t-shirt,size medium at:
    farrah wall
    20 hartwell drive
    east falmouth,Ma 02536
    thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!!

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