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Ram Bomjon The Buddha Boy’s Reign Of Terror Continues

Last month, I wrote about how Ram Bomjon, the so-called “Buddha Boy” whom many Western Buddhists accepted without skepticism as the latest incarnation of the Buddha Siddhartha Guatama, had entered into a new phase of violent outbursts against his devotees, against the local community where he has established his Sangha, and even against his own family.

Ram Bomjon first held two women hostage for several months, then attacked his siblings, holding two of his brothers hostage and hitting his sister on the head when they tried to reason with him on behalf of their mother, Mayadevi.

buddhist bruteA month later, Ram Bomjon (who also goes by the names Tamang Tulku Rinpoche, Guru Buddha Gyani, Palden Dorje, Dharma Sangha given by the Divine, and Boy with the Divine Powers) seems even more desperate than before. According to the Himalayan Times, Bomjon has been forced by law enforcement officials to release his two brothers from captivity, but he continues to hold his 12 year-old sister, Ranjita, as a hostage.

Villagers from Ratanpuri marched to Ram Bomjon’s compound in order to demand the release of Ranjita, but were violently beaten back by Ram Bomjon and his followers.

Ram Bomjon’s older sister has this to say about her famous little brother: “Although he had started meditating to spread peace, he hasn’t lived up to his promise.”

According to Mayadevi, Ram Bomjon says that he will only release Ranjita if his family sends him Mayadevi’s citizenship card. Bomjon needs the citizenship card in order to obtain a passport. Apparently, the Buddha Boy is planning to leave the country of Nepal as quickly as he can.

In a move that would pique the interest of anti-Obama conspiracy theorists (if only they were at all aware of events taking place outside of American borders), Ram Bomjon and his followers had earlier attempted to obtain a passport using a fake birth certificate. Will we soon hear Donald Trump alleging that Ram Bomjon is Barack Obama’s secret love child? Stay tuned.

109 comments to Ram Bomjon The Buddha Boy’s Reign Of Terror Continues

  • Tom

    i believe this “boy” needs help of the mental kind. He suffers from delusions of grandeur and power while presenting psychotic and schizophrenic personality traits.

    “He’s a fuckin’ nut job! i got homeless crazy people do the same shit ova he!”

    • Anonymous

      Your ignorance is discerning

    • Anonymous

      You obviously haven’t listened to his messages of compassion towards all living beings which includes animals. His messages are important for all people.
      The naysayers & skeptics are just suffering from envy.

      • arrowmint

        Silence, fool. Your lies mean nothing, he is a megalomaniacal monster and you are too afraid to admit it.

      • Kathy

        Wait his message is of compassion towards all animals but he’s beating his brothers and 12 year old sister and and holding her hostage. Don’t drink the kool-aid! The real Guytama Buddha would never stand for this!!!

    • a c

      well, a good nut job should screw seemlessly into a sucket screw and steel are preferably to aluminum, unless you are using it say for a nascar race where they get taken off in one pit stop and are preferred because they reduce a little fraction of weight. but its better not to mix metals in order to avoid galvanization resulting in rust. and is better to get good quality ones.

  • Stephen Kent Gray

    Why don’t people point out that according to the tenets of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama will have no more incarnations after that one? It’s what he said miracuously at his birth and what happened at his parinirvana. Pari means last nirvana or final nirvana as is not follow by any more incarnations.

    • Bjc

      Because people have pointed it out. Duh! Bomjon himself said he is not Gautama buddha. There are thousands of Buddhas to come. He is one of the different ones. Learn a little more before you make yourself look ignorant.

      • Hunter

        Doesn’t make sense for a Buddha to be reincarnated. A Buddha is an enlightened one. He thinks he could be another Buddha with 6 more years of meditation.

        • Ling Lung

          Earlier, Ram Bomjon never saying that he is a reincarnation of Buddha. He even said “NO I AM NOT”. It was his followers and local peoples who call him that. At that time, he just need some quiet space to do meditation. His mediation reached some level that logically can’t be thought but it was real : he meditates on the flame fire inside big tree without burnt or hurt(video shows it). But unfortunately, it seemed somebody used his irregular situation to get some advantage (later money), then peoples started to follow him anywhere. Maybe that irritates him? I dunno. He is just human like us, can be angry and calm as well.

    • a c

      siddarta gautama buddha probably reincarnated. i think when a child reaches nirvana without losing his/her innocence his reincarnation into human would stop and he would go into a higher being.

  • It is time that human beings start to understand the teachings of Buddha not to use our five senses, intellectual mind and emotions for assessing what is reality. If you had been one of those captives like I was, you would learn the lesson. Buddhaboy’s main enemies are not the “two captured women” , his brothers, Ranjita… The real enemy he is fighting with is our attachment to our body and intellectual conceptions. In this he is in total accordance with the teaching of Gautama Buddha. Just that due to the age of undiscipline and dullness, his ways to awaken reality in human beings is accordingly harsh. I am grateful for him for this grace, and time will soon show that the he is exactly applying Gautama Buddha’s teaching. He has the right to do this, after he reached enlightenment through extreme and long penance. None of his actions can cause real harm. But noone else have, thus the precept of non-violence still continues to be taught and adviced by him. I know it is strange to understand, but again… Buddhism and religion was never about perceptions of our senses, analytical logic and bodily joy…

    • crow

      That is BS. Truly enlightened beings do not engage in such behavior – this guy is s simple con-man. True enlightenment comes about through years of practice taught by a true master. They are few, and do not make public spectacles of themselves. They actually attract few followers, because the road to enlightenment involves intense introspection and accepting personal responsibility. It is much easier to sit in awe of someone who can do magic tricks. Sitting for long periods of time without moving enlightens no one.

      • “Sitting for long periods of time without moving enlightens no one.”
        And do you know what was happening at the higher levels of his consciousness while seemingly only sitting? I spoke with people who weer watching him those times, and just because of the energy coming from this motionless body, they could not touch tobacco and alcohol anymore. Some stopped to eat meat. Some started to experience high samadhi. Many have been healed from illnesses. And he was JUST sitting. Now it is a time when he is acting. I admit, very strangely. But he has foretold that he is going to be very controversial. He did not want publicity, actually, as you read his biographies, he was even escaping from the curious crowds of people to many parts of the jungles. But crowds followed him everywhere he hid. He did not want even to give a speech. He was requested by the “committee” which he never asked for to be founded. He did not even want to be for crowds, he told the khenpo Gyurme he planned only to teach a few disciples in the forest silently… But devotees, committees, khnepos (lama scribes) insisted to make him according to their image of a kind of nearly political leader. You wanted this, people? OK, so you have it… This boy is doing extreme penance with the wish to inspired the souls of human beings to find liberation from the attachments to the body, possessions. He sacrificed his own life for this goal. But people did not get the message. They waned external signs, miracles, big words, big teachings … So they have what they wanted.

        • chili

          he ought to lose the sangha and shave his hair

        • Common Sense

          Dear Lady, you say that certain ‘strange’ events because people come to see this sitting boy, yes? Is this a spiritual thing, which would be something beyond the minds capabilities or is it psychological? Are you aware that if you go to any church, mosque, shrine, etc… you will see people proclaiming the same thing. even in musical rock concerts, people proclaim to have been healed and ‘miraculously’ changed! all this is a movement of hypnosis. notice this ‘divine’ boy could not see his fathers illness, sickness or prevent his death. why can’t he heal his own family of mother, sister and brother? see how clearly i can see.

        • Anonymous

          Tell me more about Guruji when you were captive.

        • jdtrickster4

          ” And he was JUST sitting.”

          He should’ve remained sitting. As soon as he got up, things changed, he started beating people, committing acts of violence and ordering his “devotees” to assault people, breaking bones & making people bleed. Women were even raped. With “saints” and “enlightened” people like “Mr. Buddha Boy” who needs psychopaths?

          And now, I see you blame the people who got beat up, raped and attacked. I guess all religions are the same everywhere. I’m SO glad I don’t believe any of this mumbo-jumbo supernatural gobbledygook.

          You want to peacefully meditate or practice whatever religion of your choice, I have no problem with this. That is your right. But when you start committing acts of violence, abusing or defrauding people, I and most decent (not perfect)people, will object and even ridicule you; especially if you’re such a great guru & claim to be working for and preaching peace, while you beat up people and commit acts of aggression – which is SO hypocritical. He lost whatever little respect I had for him and it corroborates what I think: Religion poisons the mind. ALL RELIGIONS DO!

      • Bjc

        This is not bs. He is not asking for the attention of others they are bringing it upon him. He was assaulted first. What hes not allowed to defend himself? He is trying to do it spiritually but can’t if he is being harmed physically.

        • To Bjc:
          Bjc commented on Ram Bomjon The Buddha Boy’s Reign Of Terror Continues.

          in response to crow:

          “That is BS. Truly enlightened beings do not engage in such behavior – this guy is s simple con-man. True enlightenment comes about through years of practice taught by a true master. They are few, and do not make public spectacles of themselves. They actually attract few followers, because the road to enlightenment involves intense […]”
          “This is not bs. He is not asking for the attention of others they are bringing it upon him. He was assaulted first. What hes not allowed to defend himself? He is trying to do it spiritually but can’t if he is being harmed physically.”

          I am the subject of most of the media coverage, and a longtime witness to all the things happening around DS. He had never been assaulted by Marici. I don’t know about others, but i have never raised my hand to my dearest brother in God, and I wold never ever do such a thing. Everyone who claims such lies is deep in the ignorance and fooled.

          DS is divine, he is able to protect himself from any physical assault if such a thing would ever happen. He has all the knows siddhis. He is not a passive victim of evil attackers. He is the active side. He is Activity himself. God bless his name and the truth.

    • Stephen Kent Gray


      Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Sanskrit: ??? ?????? ??????) (born c. 10 April 1990, sometimes spelt Bomjan, Banjan, or Bamjan), also known as Palden Dorje (his monastic name) and now Dharma Sangha, is from Ratanapuri village, Bara district, Nepal. Some of his supporters have claimed that he is a reincarnation of the Buddha, but Ram himself has denied this, and many practitioners of Buddhism agree that the Buddha has entered nirvana and cannot be reborn.

    • Common Sense

      so, after being abused, sexually assaulted and tortured by this ‘enlightened’ kid, you say he does no wrong? really? do you still proclaim this statement? On your website you state that the ‘holy’ boy Dharma Sangha rummaged through your belongings while you were in captivity. which means, he was part of your captivity! You really need a great deal of help from being a DEVOTEE. its really a sickness but, you say otherwise even though you trying to get justice? pure contradiction and self-deception.

      • Yes, I admit there is a great contradiction in what I am claiming. But only to those who had never experienced divine grace or high states of yoga or meditation. What I was trying to distinguish is this: the sangha who is surrounding Dharma Sangha, has been persecuting me with all possible lies, police reports, later also violent attacks and as you know, capturing and torturing me. It was not the initiation of DS, but later, seeing their extreme hatred to me, He seemingly joined them and provoked them to even worse things. He had announced after the 2011 Mahadarshan that he is going to test his devotees. It is not just testing Marici, as they think. It is also testing them, how far they are willing to go in their breach of the Dharma. They proved Him that any far… I can assure you that in all the sufferings I had to go through, DS Himself had very little part. Yes, had been beaten by Him, but this beating was not painful and I felt the energy of grace. And it was just once.But the beatings by his follower Darshan, and the other violence from Dorje Tom, previously from Balahari, or lama Molam, were really painful and causing physical harm. The sexual abuse was also done by sangha: DS told them that now they can do anything with Marici. If I was them, I would use this opportunity to do good to the captured person, feed her or him, release etc.. No, they had no better idea than to use this “opportunity” to satisfy their sexual desires… What a hell it was….In reality I am very disappointed by the behavior of Dharma Sangha, but only because he had allowed his “sangha” to do those crimes to me and the Nepali woman. Directly or undirectly yes, he is responsible.

  • Dhyana

    Alas! It is totally heartbreaking to watch Mr. Ram Bomjan stubbornly continues to bring himself, and others such dreadful harms with his so-called teachings. The harms which is beyond any kind of physical harms; such long-lasting harms which may last beyond this fragile body.

    What the media have done by creating false news, gossips, and rumors in the name of “entertainment”; what big companies have done by foraging the forests, or kill its inhabitants in the name of “profits” are undoubtedly BARBARIC and UNWHOLESOME. But they are a speck of dust compared to what Mr. Ram Bomjan, and/or his devotees have done to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha by proclaiming such perverse and harmful Dharma as “True Dharma.” Thus, he is deliberately bringing terrible dangers both to himself AND others. Both his path, and teachings are essentially CONTRADICTORY to Gautama Buddha. Only an eyeless being would say that Mr. Ram Bomjan’s teaching is inline with Gautama Buddha’s, totally mistaken a poisonous snake for a rope!

    Victimizing each other, with none is benefitted by the relationship, both Mr. Ram Bomjan, and his devotees are in their path to prolong and strengthen the vicious circle of ignorance. How totally heartless when some people, and media find such miserable condition as “entertaining”…..

    • Jason Thomas

      I have always stated that to awaken to spiritual truth is really the simplest thing. the problems we face has a great to do with getting the false out of the way so that the essence of truth may shine in you. so, a great deal of my time and energy goes into the attempt of removing such obstacles. especially the ignorance of all the world religions. Organized religion is a dreadful, ugly thing that blocks mankind. When Ram came on the scene, naturally i could see he was just another stumbling block that was forming the same as all the organized religions. So, I rip into the forming darkness that he is bringing into the world. Even if in his little mind he thinks he is a bringer of peace, it is obvious, at least to me, that he is not. His devotees reveal their ‘cult-like’ mentality but justifying anything that surrounds him. Now that the government is destroying the ‘illegal’ buildings they have built in the jungle, they will still not see Ram is a failure and a fake.

  • Jane Aldiss

    I was staying in the jungle throughout May 2012 when the events so misreported above occurred. My eye witness statement is as follows: I saw Ranjita, GuruJi’s little sister, arrive by foot, all alone one afternoon. I was told that she had walked from the village of Pilau alone. I saw her playing all afternoon and evening with two small boys who live there. She was very happy, laughing, and carefree. I saw her doing the same in the morning, again, very happy and carefree. Everyone was kind and friendly to her, and it was clear that she was enjoying being there, and had come, and was staying, of her own free will. When her mother and siblings turned up later that morning, i understood that they wanted to take her away with them. I saw her crying and in great distress. I have a photo of her and her mother sitting beside each other, as proof that Ranjita had not been abducted as alleged, but was in free conversation with her mother and family. I understood that she wished to stay with her brother, Guru Dharma Sangha. Dharma Sangha came and sat with the sangha, and the mother and siblings. Ranjita went and stood behind Dharma Sangha, and would not be moved by her mothers or brothers entreaties to leave the place. She stood behind her brother, Guru Dharma Sangha for maybe two or three hours, not moving, until the mother and siblings had left, and the meeting finished. Her desire to stay with him was clearly her choice, and i admire her courage to stand up for what she wanted, i.e. to stay with her brother Dharma Sangha, despite the opposition to her decision from the rest of her family.

    • Dear Jane, could you please also add your comment under similar article on Himalayan Times ‘Buddha Boy took sis hostage’ ? Also it would be nice to inform about this the international community of devotees. Your photos would be also useful.

    • KSherchand

      Jane Aldiss
      Can you please send me the photo of his sister Ranjita sitting with Guruji and her mom as a proof you have described.

      Maitreya !

      Kishore Sherchand

  • Jyampa Kidwen

    I was there in the jungle 4 times from North America , played with Little Ranjita 4 times, Feb.2011, May 2011, October 2011 and recently March 2012 thru April 2012, we played together a lot of games with my Ipad. I taught her English and she taught me Nepalis. She always had a very good time with us when we were around Dharma Sangha. I totally agree all the points which Jane Aldiss and Marichi stated. I am eye-witness a lot of events there, and the journalist did not write the whole truth. Ranjita always loves staying in the jungle, around devotees and her brother. I took a lot of happy pictures with her big smiling face. I do not trust the newspapers and journalist there. False reports. The Nepalis journalists report was based on rumors, on what they heard, not what they saw. Come and see for yourself, just as I did many times. Seeing is believing. Touching with your hands, not your ears. I love the holy jungle and will come back there more often. I go there every three months. If anyone would like to go , I will be a free tour guide for you. Please contact me, you will have the best moment, happiest time in your life. I can send you all our happy pictures with Ranjita.

    • Dear Kim, could you please also add your comment under similar article on Himalayan Times ‘Buddha Boy took sis hostage’ ? They have a bigger audience. I know from my own “affair” how much distorted the truth can become, if it gets into the hands of (Nepali) media…. They wrote total nonsense about my captivity, like I had to be tied in a ditch, like I was kidnapped, etc. Nowadays media is often used as a weapon of groups with political or religious agenda, and this is especially the case in Nepal. There were some bad things happening around Tapasvi, but because he is surrounded with human beings, and humans always do some mistakes. But why to add lies to the facts? Like in my case I am capable of forgiving all those human mistakes done against me, just because of the sweeping power of the spiritual grace of the Tapasvi. Confusion and emotions bubble up around enlightened beings always, this is a well-known phenomena in all the history about yogis and saints.

      • Jason Thomas

        What continues to take place in Halkhoria jungle is the manifestation of his lack of understanding. There is nothing ‘sacred’ about someone illegally taking residence in a forest that does not belong to them. To build ‘unnatural’ houses and statues and pedestals in the midst of a forest is ignorance and blindness. Surely, dharma has no relationship with a lost boy who is misguiding the blind.

    • Anton Sugiarto

      Jyampa Kidwen,
      I really want the truth what had happening there .
      I am from California. So dharma activity shut down now ?

      • Anonymous

        As I know his sister under captive is false. The biggest proof she was still in Sindhuli with Guruji. When I personally talek to the close people, her mother , brothers some cam to take her away, Guruji gave away and told them to take away but the girl refused to go away. It appears to me that there are certain vested group of people to defame Guruji to the extreme and expell from Nepal.
        I won’t be surprised. If he leaves the country seek asylum somewhere, a great loss to Nepal. of course, there are few bad people near to him.

      • Jyampakidwen

        Dear Anton Sugiarto,

        I am sorry that I did not reply right away because I did not see your post until now. Dharma activities is continuing. Please go to the web site http://www.etapasvi.com or Dharma-Sangha.com to read the latest news about the upcoming puja in April 9- 2013. We have a commitee in Southern California, you are very welcome to join us . Please email us at Bsdsusa@gmail.com.

    • Sumedh

      Hey,thanks for your encouraging comment.shall be obliged if you please guide me or could accompany me in next visit.due thanks
      -Sumedh +918004360338

  • chili

    Dharma Sangha is a good guy but his devotees are stupid…. That’s what chili thinks….

    • Nepalis say Samay le dekhauncha – Time will show. He once told he would teach everyone according to his or her level of understanding. For sure he wishes to bring light also to the stupid devotees. In Buddhism it is a traditional approach to wish enlightenment (liberation) to all kinds of beings, even ghosts, demons, hell-beings, insects, as all are suffering. So why not stupid human beings?

    • Dhyana

      Is there any one to be called a “devotee of Ram Bomjan” WITHOUT Ram Bomjan?

  • Jason Thomas

    The whole story of Ram is misdirection. One may speak of ten thousand different things about his actions and his supposed purpose but, the bottom line no one will focus on is spiritual awakening. He is not awakened rather anyone says so or not. He can never give me a menu and call it spiritual food. I am amazed how easily men and women are deceived in this day and age about spiritual matters. So, I give mankind the only factor that matters when determining any such thing: Are you spiritually awakened? If you are not awakened, you have no means of knowing what it truly means. Above all, let that question be your primary concern. everything else is trivial. Ram may walk on water, levitate or do any so-called miracle and I will say it is meaningless. Let the only thing that matters be: YOUR spiritual awakening. everything else exposes you to the lies, deceptions and corruptions of this world.

  • I remember first reading about the “Buddha Boy” my senior year in High-school. I was astonished to hear that some of his followers claim him to be the Buddha reincarnated, even back then when I knew little. That is false. Since then, I’ve gone to college and have myself reached an awakened state of consciousness. I see now, the “Buddha Boy” is lost. I have spent up to 9 days in the wilderness, alone, fasting on the sun, berries and 3 handfuls of river water per day. I know what I am. I know this world is lost in it’s ways. And I know the “Buddha Boy” went into his path with good intention. The world has swallowed him, and perhaps it was because he went public too soon. I have made flowers bloom with only my intention during meditation in the wilderness of South Florida. I have left behind the corruption of Western Society. Enlightenment is possible for anyone, even the “Buddha Boy”. If only he can escape from it all for a little while longer, I believe in him as much as I believe in myself and each and every one of you. We should all be doing the same.

    • Jason Thomas

      Yes, i feel the same way. he had great intentions. but, he got lost in the process. I am glad to see that you are working on your life mister Hicks. please stay out of anymore trouble. blessed be.

      • Dhyana

        If a distorted mind, like Ram Bomjan, is capable of producing good/great intentions, or ideas, then I’d allow myself to be bitten by that poisonous snake.

    • Dhyana

      Ram Bomjan, too, has proclaimed: “I” am already enlightened.

      He is a good example on how by proclaiming one’s own spiritual awakening/enlightenment, or performing some kind of physical/mental/spiritual feats does not make a solid proof that one is genuinely spiritually awakened.

      Any being who perceives: “I” am awakened/enlightened; this is “my” awakening, is still in the illusion of awakening, is only feeding one’s own pride.

      • Jason Thomas

        spiritual awakening is the ending of the “I”dentity. It is seeing beyond the mind the wholeness of life. Of course, it is a matter of words that one has to point it out to another. rather one says so or not. the awakening is not a conscious thing. But, for the sake of others, it may be necessary to speak as if it is. not to impress but to point them towards understanding. Its not a personal thing. It is a realization that man himself is door to life beyond this mortal existence.

    • ShianMun Skye

      Sounds to me like you are serving yourself to bragging rights! I’m not impressed! Your over educated ego and western minded ignorance is showing!

  • Dhyana

    “For the sake of others” is also what has already stated by Ram Bomjan, and look at him now.

    Do not be too sure that we are not going to turn ourselves like him. Whether one says it out loud, or stays in silence about one’s spiritual realization, as long as there is that sense of pride within one’s heart, and mind, Awakening is nothing but an illusion. And harmful deeds often comes from that so-called “good” intentions.

    I do not believe in any one, not even in this self called “Dhyana.”

    • Jason Thomas

      there is nothing to believe or disbelieve. If spiritual awakening is an illusion, then we are all trapped in sorrow with no way out of it. there is this mortal life. seeing that it is a falsification one awakens to that immortality that is not a thing of this life. the mind cannot touch it, fathom or comprehend it. It is its own glorification. in this realization, there is no entity that ‘thinks’ it is awakened. Spiritual immortality is seeing that there never was such a thing called mortality.

      • Dhyana

        It IS an illusion, as long as there is a sense of Pride within one’s mind, and heart.

        Full Awakening IS NOT what you call spiritual immortality, dear Jason. If you are satisfied by the mere idea of immortality, even if it’s a spiritual one, then you are already trapped.

        “not a thing of this life” does not apply to Full Awakening.
        “a thing of this life” does not apply to Full Awakening.

        • Jason Thomas

          there is no such thing as partial awakening. so, your point has no validity. either one is awaken or not. there is no middle ground. it is total seeing into the reality of life in which the idea of self cannot touch. there can be no ‘self’ and truth. the ending of oneself is the awakening of truth. It is not an accomplishment or attainment. its the realization that this life is not reality. So, I ask you, can one who is not awakened understand the truth of this? If you are not awakened then to speak of it is merely theory and conjecture on your part.

  • Jacobus

    Hi everyone and blessings to you all.
    I believe the enlightened ones are very controversial, and who can judge another without ones own defilements in ones mind. It is like looking through a darkend glass, look to your own reactions toward him and investigate them it has nothing to do with this concept of the enlightend being that you keep in your mind.
    That is my food for thought enjoy.

    “If you wont forgive you must judge, because you must justify your failure to forgive.”

    • Jason Thomas

      What you are saying does not have any meaning. mainly because, I can see clearly. perhaps, you do not have power to discern by I can see without the mental judgment of the ego. above all, how do you know enlightened ones are controversial? is that not your judgment? please, do not come here trying to challenge anyone without first having some kind of understanding within yourself.

      • Anonymous

        What jacobus says makes sense to those of us who are unenlightened. Nobody exists in a vacuum, how we perceive ourselves is in direct relation to our perception of others. When we finally realize that there are no others, enlightenment becomes possible.

  • Rin

    Ram is genuine. You should leave this boy be and stop turning him into “hot news”. You have no idea what you’re in for, trying to disgrace him like that!

    • JT at your service

      So, the world should go by what you say? really? the Christians say, Jesus is the only way. The Muslims proclaim, Muhammad, buddhist Buddha, etc… now, here you are with another one. I wonder, how do you know he is genuine? are you awakened? of course not. Your case is dismissed. goodbye.

    • Supreme Being

      You are blessed my child for your defense of the Avatar.

  • laurie

    so let me get this straight- we are born unenlightened, with self-ego’s prevailing.

    our objective then is to lose the ego and let our consciousness dissolve in eternity?

  • laurie

    i guess it makes you wonder why? ..but then ..why not?

  • Hobbs

    Whoever has sat for 10 months in meditation cast the first stone.

    • JT

      You miss his objective: in order to awaken. One can awaken without sitting at all. So, his point may be pointless. Like a man who tries to take a row boat across the vast ocean because he is unaware ignorant that we have supersonic jets that can get you there in an instant.

  • Supreme Being

    This young man has eaten the Lion and the fire of all nine Avatars flows from his mouth; there are many that have attained the Ultimate truth and returned home, but few request the mission of Avatar. Just as Jeshua whipped the money changers selling animals for slaughter so has this heroic warrior chastized those that would stand in “the way.” His light will be made manifest much as the Sun breaking through the clouds: it never leaves you, it never forgets you and it never changes- it is you that must change. Just as the nine Avatars before him his light abides in my soul and he is blessed by the spirit of the Earth. There is no stopping the Sun from breaking the clouds, no matter how much the ignorant may thrash and moan: and there is no stopping my Avatars.

  • rae

    He is a young Buddhist man… that was once a boy that studied Buddhism and chose to sit and meditate and emulate the Siddhartha Guatama. At some point he fled from the place he tried to meditate because it turned into a circus. People claimed his family members were using him to make money. No one really knows the family dynamics. He wants to leave the country for whatever reason… is he a possible meal ticket taking flight? Or is he just fed up with his current life ? It happens…
    The Buddha wasn’t chaste, he was human with human feelings. He obtained enlightenment at age 35… meaning this boy still has a long path to walk and may falter along the way like everyone else. He has achieved much more than most at his age and hopefully will do so much more. I wish him luck with a road free of obstacles and many blessings ?

    • jdtrickster4

      Don’t bow to him. Send him money. He has already set up a PayPal address & in it gives his California address, if you prefer to send him a check. If you can’t find it on your own I will even help you.

      I guess he must want the money otherwise why would he have set up this PayPal address.

  • Anika

    I wish there were more of his teachings in English.

  • pob

    I can only assume that EVERYTHING on this page (ESPECIALLY the original report by irregulartimes.com) as mere hearsay or gossip, since no one appears to be backing up their statements with believable evidence let alone proof !!! I urge everyone reading these pages (and any other page, or statement including mine !!!) to consider what evidence or proof there is for said statements. I can see by the most cursory of purview of comments that the typical commenter on here seems to accept as fact almost anything without investigating the truth of the matter. How idiotic is that ?

  • Alex

    This is not true, you are lying. All the information here is wrong, he did not held the two women. He actually tried to save them.

  • Dear Alex, I am one of the held women. I am Marici. I did not need to be saved from anyone and anything, when he let me kidnapped and chained to a tree in the jungle. What kind of saving it is when he ordered Darshan Subba, his attendant, to push his male organ as an act of rape four times to my mouth? Or when he let my hands broken by his lama? Sorry, but I am sure you would not wish to be “saved” this way …

    You and you Sangah are fed with unimaginably stupid lies about a dangerous cult, which claims that physical attacks and rape are actually “saving” people from … I don’t even understand what or whom! Crime, attack, sexual abuse are NEVER a way to save anyone from anything, Alex! I really sincerely wish that you yourself will NOT be saved the same way me and the other many victims had been! Then you would certainly change your mind about what it is to “save”

  • Alex

    Articles like this are how you know he is the real deal. All great figures throughout history were met with negative resistance. There will be a lot more garbage like this and worse, but Dharma Sangha won’t be moved by any of it.

    • Jim Cook

      Pol Pot is the real deal. Hitler is the real deal. All great figures throughout history were met with negative resistance.

      • What distinguishes those who are “protecting the Maha Sambodhi D. Sangha” by their comments from those who are critical of his deeds? An overview of all forums and discussions about his topic – including this one here – will clearly show: the “protectors” will always use personal offensive words, rudeness, black irony and any sign of fanaticism and aggressivity available. The critics of Maha Sambodhi D. Sangha (formerly Buddha Boy), on the other hand, use the arguments of intelligence logic and ethics! Thus we can very clearly divide humanity in two sharply differing groups: the ones whose brain is in their wrists or much down somewhere… – and the ones who are gentle, moral and polite.

        I would be very ashamed to have such “protectors”, scratched from the lowest base of society, out of the rudest and most violent uneducated rogues… But apparently the Maha Sambodhi needs to be protected by such low means.

        Low deeds attract low means to justify them…

    • jdtrickster4

      You claim all that has been said about Ram Bahadur Bomjon (his real name)are lies; then, along comes one of the raped women and tells you she’s one of the raped ones and what do you do? You blindly ignore her. Thank you. Is that how you also worship and follow him? I thank you for people need to see the only thing he’s achieved is to become a cult leader. He claimed to promote peace but practiced and ordered acts of violence and of depravation. With “enlightened” people like “Buddha Boy” who needs psychopaths?!

      Btw, he’s already set up a PAY-PAL account so we all can send him money. In it, he also gives his California address, in case you prefer to send him a check.

      I’LL PASS!

  • ShianMun Skye

    Haters and warmongers will always try to get in the way of peace and enlightenment…the ignorance here is too shallow to respond to otherwise…For western cultivated minds (Christian programmed minds) even Jesus showed rage when he turned over the merchants tables in the temple…Have you never heard of ritious(sp) anger? Problem with haters and warmongers is they think no one should ever stand up to the lies and actions of those who would prefer to exploit, cheat, steal, and thwart peace for humanity! Honestly, your ignorance propaganda are so obvious…

    • jdtrickster4

      I’m an atheist but I don’t think Jesus ordered any of his apostles to RAPE OTHER WOMEN!!! Or even to beat others up, draw blood and break their bones. Neither did Jesus kidnap others & held them captive. GTFO

      Peace! (lol)

      • Jim Cook

        According to the Bible, the Christian God ordered a great many of his followers to rape women and abduct them into sex slavery. Open up the Old Testament some time.

  • ShianMun Skye

    “Boy”, and “reign of terror”…! Somehow sounds pretty silly when you put those together! No…Hitler and “war machine”, and “terrorists of mass destruction” (and other more contemporary buzz phrases and names of individuals and groups) are much more threatening don’t you think?

    • jdtrickster4

      Yeah, we should give “Buddha Boy” a pass because he doesn’t compare with Mao or Stalin. I think I’ll use that as my defense the next time I decide to kidnap someone and hold them captive, order them RAPED and/or beaten up till they bleed or their bones are broken. Do you think THAT defense will work in ANY civilized country? GTFO! You are simply another true-believer fool.

      Pray or meditate all you want to, that’s your right; but when you break the law, know you will be prosecuted like a common criminal, not an “enlightened saint!”

  • ShianMun Skye

    AnuYA NaH HAMAH, Dharma Sangha!

  • “Articles like this are how you know he is the real deal. All great figures throughout history were met with negative resistance. There will be a lot more garbage like this and worse, but Dharma Sangha won’t be moved by any of it.” Alex

    Dear Alex, the thing is that your Guru has never met any resistance. The enmity was and is created solely by him himself and his Sangha. He was beloved and respected all over the world, until he started to capture and torture people and let them raped. It is logical that after he repeated this addiction a few times, resistance appeared against his strange hobby…

    But there never was and stil not is any war against him, no enemies and no agressors. All was a lie of the Sangha, encouraged by him to justify the attacks on fragile elder women, his mother even, sisters, and two tiny skinny women like me and the Nepali Maata… We never ever – none of us – did anything disturbing or violent against him, not even approaching his Tree ever alone. Yet he let us captured by his lowers Sangha attendants, many of us he let raped and humiliated by excrements, cut our hairs, let us in extreme horror chained to pillars and trees…

    If anyone will have such a bad hobby, it is obvious that resistance will appear. Yet we all loved him and bowed before him, considered him our Guru and some of us even our God! Thus look around and try to find any sign of revenge or police or court report: none of us did! We all, the 7 and more victims of this violent Guru, are suffering in silence, unjustifiedly hated and persecuted by him and his Sangha for something we never ever did!

    You should go to Nepal and see with your own eyes that people never harmed him and even after his terrible cruel acts they still have respect to him, even police is afraid of him. Nepalis are superstitious, and fear his magical powers. So noone ever attacked him and noone is posing him danger at all – verbal or physical. This is a false PR of the Sangha, to justify the practice of sacrificing the suffering of innocent people, needed for the effectiveness of their demonic rituals in the dark of the jungle.

  • Marie-Soleil

    Dear everyone,

    You all have different points of view for this case and I respect them all. As usual, people’s opinions are divided into 2 groups: those who believe that this “Buddha Boy” is not enlightened, so he’s lying to all his devotees (and maybe to himself as well), and on the other side, those other people who are convinced that He is the one so everything he’s doing is done on a good purpose, whether we understand it or not.

    But please tell me, is it really important to find out who are right and who are wrong? Have you forgotten what is Enlightenment: Self-Realization wich means Realization of our true Self, of our own Pure Nature.

    Believing that this young man is a Buddha or not won’t help anyone to realize their own Divine Nature. But being counscious of the thoughts and feelings that emerge because of this young guru will definitely be more helpful.

    When you hear about what he has said or done, maybe you feel doubts, frustration, annoyance, hope, confidence, faith or fears and they are all right because it is what is there for you. Nobody is right or wrong to feel the way they feel and there’s nothing to say about it. Finding what this young man is moving within you and why are the only facts that will truly help you with your own Dharma path.

    Some people might evil through him, others might find Heaven and it doesn’t really depend on him but more on ourselves.

    So please, you can write as many opinions as you want, they still will be only opinions and beliefs. What counts is only our Inner Truth which has nothing to do with anyone else than yourself. Dharma Sangha is only an instrument, like any other living beings that we cross on our road.

    May all beings be free of opinions and beliefs and may all they become aware of their Inner Truth!

    With all my Love,

    • jdtrickster4

      You’re going to tell a RAPED woman that BULLSHIT??? If he lived in ANY civilized nation & he was reported, he’d be investigated and thrown in jail, if found guilty. Enlightened or not. SMH Religion poisons the mind.

      But he probably won’t be reported because the people involved fear for their lives, now. That’s a mafia-style operation.

    • jdtrickster4

      You’re going to tell a RAPED woman that BULLSHIT??? If he lived in ANY civilized nation & he was reported, he’d be investigated and thrown in jail, if found guilty. Enlightened or not. SMH But he probably won’t be reported because the people involved fear for their lives, now. That’s a mafia-style operation.

  • weygandt_8@msn.com

    He should be left alone. If he shows that he can maintain himself with no food and just a little water, that’s quite an achievement.
    Buddha was a human being too. Everybody is Buddha. One can achieve enlightment through many forms and ways. It can be through sex or anything.

  • Recently someone wrote in these discussions that an email had been sent to me and complained why I did not reply. The thing is that Semyon, the Bomjon cult’s main hacker is a very skillful one, and managed to block many such emails written by people to me already. I once realized that he somehow manages to register my known email address halkoria@gmail.com as a strongly spamming email, and then people cannot write me. Also, he managed to alert Facebook that my website Halkoria.myewebsite.com is a “potentially harmful site”. The tactics of this cult are very unethical. So I am asking everyone interested to write me a private email to do it opposite way: publish an email address here, where I could write back myself from an email which is not known to Sangha (I already see how they plan to make a fake request, but this is simply their own karma, they cannot do anything else). So anyone interested to send me a private email, can try it again to halkoria@gmail.com or zutakac@gmail.com and if do not reply long, to publish here in the commentaries his or her own email to write to. I have to do this in a world where breaking Internet ethics by so called “dharmic cults” is not prosecuted…Marici

  • jose garmendia

    No te preocupes por Ram Bahadur Bomjon. Long live the Master!!!!

  • JS

    his whole essence radiates love, you can feel it. he is the truth.

  • George Tirebiter

    This website BLO’s…….lost me when you bring in Obama about a Buddhist monk, WTF??
    Get some credibility here………

  • I want to ask your budah boy
    Have a name or promise ability can safe or can send the human or forgiveness a saner people to go to hever, does God give him to be like god ,
    in your belief does or your religion does God create haven and earth and does God
    create a man and woman?
    i don’t think so because you are God create you you can’t be like God but you can do a good thing you can’t be like God human .

  • Where are you coming form budah boy i have so maney question boy.

  • Chad

    Why don’t the critics just get lost? There’s nothing about this man for you to read about, so why not just buzz off instead of commenting? Y’all have nothing to say that anyone cares to hear.

    • jdtrickster4

      You mean you want us “lost” like you already are deeply involved in this new and improved cult of personality?

      Well, sorry but we’re not going anywhere. I wish he would be reported so an investigation could be started & possibly find him guilty; although I hear that even the police is fearful of his “magical powers” What a crock! Magical powers are NOT real. (lol) We are supposed to be living in the 21st century. I’m just glad I no longer suffer from religious mass delusion but if you want to believe a handful of people out of billions can live off sunlight, what could I possibly tell you?! IMHO NOTHING!

    • jdtrickster4

      You mean you want us “lost” like you already are deeply involved in this new and improved cult of personality?

      Well, sorry but we’re not going anywhere. I wish he would be reported so an investigation could be started & possibly find him guilty; although I hear that even the police is fearful of his “magical powers” What a crock! Magical powers are NOT real. (lol) We are supposed to be living in the 21st century. I’m just glad I no longer suffer from such ills but if you want to believe a handful of people out of billions can live off sunlight, what could I possibly tell you?! IMHO NOTHING!

  • Locals clash with Bamjan’s followers

    BARA, SEP 02 –
    At least four people were injured when a clash erupted between locals and devotees of Ram Bahadur Bamjan, known as Buddha boy, at Halkhoriya on Tuesday. The clash flared up when around 100 locals intervened to rescue two others who were held captive by Bamjan’s followers since Monday.

    According to local resident Jagjiban Kumar, the two sides clashed after Bamjan hit the locals with a stick. He said that the two captives were, however, released later. Uttim Guro and Sonam Kumar, both of Nijgad Municipality-11, along with their friends were said to be on their way back from work in India when they were captured.

    The incident came to light after the duo’s friends informed the locals about what happened, after fleeing the incident. The injured, Bamjan’s followers Rup Bahadur Thing, Samir Gurung, Nagraj, and Rakesh Guro,have sustained injuries to the heads and bodies.

    According to Police, who reached the site after being informed, said that Bamjan told them that he directed his followers to take Uttim and Sonam under control after ‘they under the influence of alcohol shouted offensive slurs’. Inspector Kailash Rai said that they will start investigating the matter.

    Bamjan has been living in the forest at Halakhoriya for the past two months.

    Posted on: 2014-09-03 09:23


  • And this one is even better: http://onlinenp.net/2014/09/fight-broke-ram-bamjans-followers-local-villagers/

    Fight broke out between Ram Bamjan’s followers and local villagers

    4 people were injured in a fight between local villagers and the followers of Ram Bahadur Bamjan who is well known as an ascetic person. This fight was happened when the followers of Ram Bamjan started to beat the local villagers for entering the jungle without permission. This fight was started when the villagers found that they had beaten one of the villagers named ‘Utim Guro’ vary badly all night tying his hands. In this fight, Ram Bamjan’s followers, Samir Gurung, Rup Bahadur Thing and Lama Balak are injured. Similarly, one villager, Rakesh Guro is also injured. Police has started their investigation for kidnapping the villager. Ram Bamjan has apologized on the behalf of his followers being such rude to the villagers.


  • Jo

    I have read this thread with interest. I have to say I am no wiser about true events than I was at the beginning but I would like to ask Marichi a question as she has first hand knowledge of this guru. Your first posts in this thread are completely at odds with your more recent posts and the writings on your website. In the early posts here you appear to defend Ram and clearly have great love and respect for him but on your own website and in the later posts in this thread that love seems to have changed into something else, maybe not hatred but blame as if you now hold him responsible for all that happened to you. I have read on your website about your ordeal and wonder why no-one was prosecuted when you clearly have evidence to substantiate your story.

    I hope this hasn’t offended anyone but there is so much conflicting information about this man that I am very confused. The early videos of his meditation as a child made me sit up and take notice as this was such extreme behaviour for a 15 year old boy, even one brought up in a community with a strong religious cultural heritage. Later reports of him as a man seem like a totally different person but not in the way that you would expect.

    • Why did I change my opinion about Dharma Sangha
      This website had been originally created with the intention to clarify the false information provided by the media concerning my captivity. Even after my captivity, torture and the order of rape by Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha I had still be loyal to him and tried to protect hjis good name. The media was exaggerating and also adding untrue and twisted ideas to the news, so I made this website to straighten that falseness, which would harm the beloved Guru…

      To my surprise, but Dharma Sangh himself, by manipulating his Official Sangha. had reacted to my noble goal with fury, and as a consequence, the Sangha had deleted my name from every commentary on their websites, from their forest petition, deleted my entries on Facebook and announced me a witch openly and DS forbid them to speak to me and contact me. As a consequence of my great devotion, DS paralelly spread his vibes of unprecedented hatred, announcing in Sindhuli in Autumn 2012 that people should not evenm pity me for what he and his Sangha did to me (sexual abuse, torture in captivity, etc), so as not to “defile” themselves by my karma…

      The more heroic loyalty and good-will I was showing by my writings packed with devotion and respect, the more primitive hatred and savage words and deeds did Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha generate against me.

      He was simply so clearcut primitive in his hatred and witchery-gossips, that I could not take it for truth, it was and is more ridiculous and strange, his obsession with harming me. Me, who for years was his great devotee and propagator, praying day and night for his success and well-being, and never ever doing anything harmful to him. His campaign against me is so unbelievably unjustified, undeserved, adharmic, immoral, cruel and stupid, that for long I was convinced that he simply could not mean that all seriously!!!

      Anyway, Time is a teacher by itself. I was giving Dharma Sangha enough time, after his unexplained capturing and torturing of my person in 2012, to prove that this act had anything in common with any Dharma, morality or had any sense or benefit to anyone… Now it is 2014. and Dharma Sangha had proved only the opposite: that he is willing to go all ends in publicly gossiping me falsely, deleting my name from media, to mobilize his IT experts in deleting even the mention of his crimes on the Wikipedia page and other websites, and that he is willing to continue his low hellish hatred-game at any costs. In the meatime he proved his low character by supporting violence towards many other people (see the Sarlahi sword attacks), and now even other immoral activities, including sexual preversities…

      Moreover he had created a clearcut CULT, cladding his blind folloers in blue robes. as if that would clear them of the sin of shedding blood and breaking human bones at DS’s order. He continued to give empty KLICHE speeches about Dharma and morality, rules which he and his Sangha are the very first to break, and proved to be a great manipulator with the huge money resources of his rich donors, traveling on helicopters and building houses where he goes…

      By this all he is loosing his previously gained credit as a pure, innocent guru, and not only joins the row of false gurus and criminal spiritual authorities, but even exceeds all of the most dangerous cult leaders with the intensity and extensity of his own sinfulness.

      So what is there left for me to respect, love. bow to anymore??? Nothing. Those false inner vibrations and “spiritual expriences” which he inserts into us by his magical siddhis? They had never any fruit and never any benefit to me or the world. They just led me astray and created an illusion that Dharma Sangha came from God and leads to God. No, those visions, voices, vibrations, energies which we all feel from him, are teh biggest lie in all he ever did. This is his main eapon to hunt don the sensitive souls and then sip out our life energy and block our connection to God.

      I was watching this unhuman human being from 2012 on, innerly and outerly, hoping that one day he would change, stop his shameful behavior and ridiculous cultism, and tell the truth about my innocence, and the other many victims innocence, and repent his crimes and cruelty against us. But this is a dream which never can be fulfilled, as DS had proved to be, during the time, not only far from morality and God, but to be eexact opposite of all those spiritual ideas I was living for all my life. His spiritual bla-bla had never any impact on me, it is certainly unconvincing to hear someone who had broken my hands and made a bleeding head-wound, to give speech about not to do violence, or to hear someone who had ordered teh rape by Darshan Subba, to give teachings about sexual purity…

      “His own iniquities will bring down the evil one”, says the Bible. Dharma Sangha had shown to be an evil one, who cannot stop lying, inciting hsi Sangah to lie, attacking and inciting his Sangha to attack, sexually dirtying women and inciting his Sangha to rape. So, seeing all his inner and outer actions, all the reasons to love, respect or followw this “guru” had faded in me by the time.

      I do not need his magical vibrations to create the illusion of “grace” in me: I had met my inner Satguru and stayed in the Gate to God even before Ram Bomjon had been born. The only spiritual vibrations we need is the direct grace coming from the Highest God. Any other “messenger” is a fake, especially the one which emphasizes his own person, what Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi permanently does. He demands that people bow to him as to God Himself, and sits on his blue plastic chair throne as a God. This is NOT my Dharma, and NOT my guru.

      I was mistaken, fooled, deceived. I am confessing this to all those who are confused, why did I write, even on this very website, with so much respect and devotion about Dharma Sangha in the beginning, and how it is that I changed my opinion now and wwrite harsh words?

      I did not change the facts. I only stopped to be devoted to this personified Lie. My words are truthful before, and truthful also now. Just the style and the supplications are different.

      Even if readers had complained me that this seems confusing and contradictory, to stay truthful I am not deleting or rewriting my previous articles. That approach was truthful and valid for those times, when I was still filled with the magical vibrations generated by Dharma Sangha, to fool me that all the crimes he and his Sangah did, were not important, beneficial, justified etc… The energy he inserted to me, covered that pain from injustice, evilness and dirt which he and his Sangah brought to my life in 2011 and 2012…

      But this had ended. On my trip to search for his identity and goals, innerly and outerly, day and night during the last two years, I had reached the truth about him, which is too dark and too frightening to reveal all.

      Everyone must search for it oneself, and if looks for teh truth sincerely, everyone will come to the same conclusion as me.

      I am leaving all articles, the prasising and protecting ones towards him, as well as the criticizing and harsh ones about him, in this same place: to show the process of development which was going on inside me and outside, in the world. To show everyone, that the same process will happen in his devotees as well, sooner or later, depending on how far and how long they are able to justify crimes and cruelty done to human beings in the name of this twisted “dharma”…

      So please, readers, excuse me the seemingly contradictory texts and try to view the articles of this website as a whole, showing a development from a deceived, illusionary state towards the sad and harsh truth. In the beginning, in 2011 and a few months even after the captivity and torture by Dharma Sangha, I was sincerely devoted to him and trusted that all will turn to good somehow. But now I can see that he is just going down and down morally, pulling his Sangha with him. There is no hope that he would ever change, tell the truth, do moral deeds and stop to pervert Dharma.

      Thank you!

  • The above text is a reply to Jo. I did not wat to add just a link to my website, but i see that this text, written in difficult circumstances, is full of typos. Sorry. The above text is found on my website under the title Why did I change my opinion about Dharma Sangha.

    • jdtrickster4

      I found out aboutyour website from the “Discovery” documentary video on You Tube where you left the address and I want to inform you that they have somehow blocked it from view. I couldn’t access it & I tried to repeatedly to no avail. But I believe your story and I wish you s speedy recovery from such a traumatizing event. I figured he was too good to be true and all this proves it. The sad thing is he’ll continue deceiving others & continue receiving money from wealthy followers, many of whom are most likely oblivious to all this & his true character. I cannot access your website but I can go to his PayPal acct website and donate money to this fraudulent charlatan. How ironic!

      With all my Love and Benevolence for you, I wish you all the best. And thank you for being so brave and telling the unadulterated TRUTH!


  • Jo

    Dear Marici,
    Thank you for your lengthy and very detailed explanation. It makes perfect sense to me now. I was horrified to read of your persecution and foul treatment by the sangha members but even more horrified when I read your account of the treatment you received directly from the hands of this guru. I must admit I have read such a lot about him recently and fell under his spell, believing that maybe this one was sincere and true. Your accounts of his behaviour however have shaken me back to reality.

    I wish you well for your future.

  • Slayer

    That wat u get from a 21st century Buddha….

  • Slayer

    That’s wat u get from a 21st century Buddha….

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