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Peasant Dresses… Made by Real Peasants!

Want to look like a sexy peasant? The company calling itself “Haute Hippie” has the look for you, at least if you’re rich enough to spend $344 on a peasant dress, $255 on a peasant blouse, or $395 on a peasant tunic. You have to have a lot of money to own these peasant clothes, and they’re dry-clean only, so no washboarding is allowed. Obviously, actual peasants (“members of a class of low social status that depend on cottage industry or agricultural labor as a means of subsistence,” Collins English Dictionary) won’t be wearing these peasant garments.

But don’t worry, each one is an authentic piece of peasant clothing. We know this because despite being sold for hundreds of dollars each of these peasant garments is made in China, where according to a report by the Department of Labor forced labor and child labor are prevalent in the garment industry and where workers’ rights and wages are kept down. In China, the people who make clothing are treated like peasants, and that makes your $395 peasant tunic legitimate… just not in the way that its marketers would like you to believe.

Peasant Dresses for Hundreds of Dollars, Made in China by Peasants

2 thoughts on “Peasant Dresses… Made by Real Peasants!”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    It’s not just Haute Hippie that has peasants make its peasant clothing. There’s Diane Von Hapsburgundfursternhimpelderbismarckberg, whose $285 peasant blouse — with pleats, and dry clean only! — is also Made in China.

  2. Bill says:

    I guess this means my iPad is a peasant computer. I’m going to start calling it that.

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