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Conspiracy Theory Of July 1 NWO Dictatorship Adopts Antisemitic Paranoia

At the beginning of this month, I found the writings of a conspiracy theorist named Pamela Rae Schuffert, active within the evangelist extremist circles where present day prophets are constantly predicting that a Satanic conspiracy will very soon take over the world and subject true believers to a time of suffering before Jesus comes back, kicks ass, and sets up a theocracy to reward his followers and punish everyone else.

Schuffert’s prophecies stand out from the crowd for two reasons:

1. She has made a very specific prediction: That a New World Order will institute martial law in the United States and prevent American citizens from leaving the country by July 1.
2. She writes colorfully, with ALL CAPS and many exclamation points

Schuffert’s latest elaboration of her prophecy of doom takes on a particularly nasty tone:

“The NWO forces and their Jewish adherents will… round up Christians ALREADY ON THE SECRET GOVERNMENT LISTS, and demand that they either RENOUNCE THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST… or BE EXECUTED with the guillotines.”

Yes, Schuffert is now going on about the Jews. She’s joined the likes of the Nazis and the medieval Crusaders in accusing Jews of secretly plotting to commit mass murder and a global government of tyranny.

Why do paranoid prophets of doom so often end up accusing Jews of being the secret masterminds of evil conspiracies? Why can’t they go after other nationalities? Why not accuse the Guatemalans, or Bangladeshis?

Schuffert continues her rant, writing,

“What if JEWS IN AMERICA were given the mandate to renounce their Judaism and CONVERT TO CHRISTIANITY, or be BEHEADED!!! Can you imagine the public outcry then??? So WHERE is the American/Christian outrage and outcry in this hour?… THE GUILLOTINES ARE HERE! OUR OWN MILITARY (and foreign also) are training even NOW to operate them on US under martial law! WHOSE tax dollars are paying for their training? WHOSE tax dollars paid for the guillotines to be imported/manufactured?”

pamela rae schuffert paranoid rantingI suspect that Pamela Rae Schuffert fancies herself to be writing under the direct influence of the Holy Spirit, given her conspiracy’s combination of certainty and lack of reflection on obvious points of doubt. The role in the guillotine in her dark fantasy is particularly telling.

Schuffert asserts that, within eight days, we will see a New World Order imposing martial law using NATO troops that commandeer the power of the U.S. military. But then, she says the NWO people are setting up guillotines to execute people with.

Putting myself in the mindset, for just a moment, of a mid-level manager in the NWO, the guillotine idea just doesn’t sound plausible. It’s anachronistic. Schuffert might as well claim that NWO troops are going to devastate American communities with calvary attacks, followed up by cannon fire. Why would the NWO set up guillotines, when there are so many easier methods for public execution these days?

Schuffert wants her followers to stand up to the NWO military dictatorship conspiracy: “Okay, concerned readers: Don’t just SIT there like a deer paralyzed on the road by headlights! DO NOTHING AND YOU MIGHT GET KILLED! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS andNOW!”

Really, if there was an actual conspiracy in place to take over the entire USA, with the entire military at the conspiracy’s disposal, what could anyone do to stop it?

Schuffert suggests that people might form a picket… or write brochures. Will a brochure fend off an attack by Satan’s attack jet fighters? Maybe, if they’re printed on good card stock.

3 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory Of July 1 NWO Dictatorship Adopts Antisemitic Paranoia”

  1. Bill says:

    I like your analysis from the perspective of “a mid-level manager in the NWO.” The guillotine strategy just doesn’t pass the ‘sniff-test’, as we say in business. It’s labor-intensive, super low-throughput, high maintenance, and has way too many moving parts (not to mention that it makes an ungodly mess that somebody has to clean up). Not a savvy use of investors’ capital. And when your prime investor is SATAN you dang well better not p*ss him off by wasting his money. If I was lucky enough to have a consulting contract with the NWO I would suggest mass electrocutions. Dig a pit, unroll the copper grid into it, frog-march the barefoot Christians into it, give ’em a little hose-down, and light ‘er up. Then yank the grid out like a magician doing the tablecloth trick, bring in the dozers, and cover the pit. This approach can be highly automated (or, if desired, outsourced to the Chinese), it scales well, and it’s energy-efficient (heck, you could even power the grid with solar panels, to appeal to the Green market segment). I think I need to file a patent application, quick.

    Honestly, ya gotta tell some people everything.

  2. Dove says:

    One might imagine those who consider themselves Christ-like would be thrilled to be executed by Jewish-satanists like he supposedly was. Wouldn’t god be impressed? Also, can I use Schuffert as a counter-reference next time someone points to our Judeo-christian heritage ? “Don’t u mean Jew-day-o-satanism!”

  3. Jorge C. says:

    Some popular choices:
    1. Bush and or Cheney planned 9/11
    2. Bush “stole” the election of 2000
    3. JFK is alive
    4. Obama is a Muslim
    5. FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor

    You can chose any of these, or provide your own!

    And have a wonderful July 4 weekend, America!


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