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Links Against SUVs

Yesterday, I brought out a collection of pro-pedestrian activist links. They’re all focusing on doing something right, increasing one’s positive involvement in a healthy and responsible form of transportation.

The truth is, though, that I do not simply have a positive activist personality. I also have a strong negative streak, especially when it comes to forms of automotive forms of transportation. I hate the intrusive loudness of cars and trucks. I hate the way that road traffic clogs human movement and splits communities. I hate the stench and the lung rotting pollution that comes out of the tailpipes that move all around us. I’m not just for walking. I’m against cars. I’m trying to use one as little as I can myself, and nothing would make me happier than seeing a nation of practically empty roads.

against sport utility vehiclesAmong the worst automotive offenders are the sport utility vehicles: SUVs. First, they’re items of conspicuous extravagance in a time when many Americans are having trouble with just the most basic elements of life. Second, they’re unnecessarily large, carrying extra weight, burning extra gasoline, and creating extra pollution when smaller, more efficient vehicles would do the job just as well. Third, they’re rude, blocking people’s safe view of traffic in order to give their drivers the feeling of being higher up than everyone else. People who drive SUVs tend to be selfish and bad company.

So, today, I’m offering a collection of links that embraces the negating side of transportation activism. The following are links to sites that focus on opposition to SUVs:

Earth On Empty
SUV Tipping
Ban SUVs
Action Anti 4×4
One Less Hummer
SUV Suck
Alliance Against Urban 4x4s
Anti 4×4 Consortium
– Our Anti-SUV activist button
(featuring the universal red circle slash symbol, placed atop a bulky sport utility vehicle – seen above)

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