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Irregular Times International Donation: Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda

Every time someone buys one of Irregular Times’ sweatshop-free shirts, we set aside a dollar to send overseas to help communities in other countries with problems they may face. One of the many problems Uganda faces is education. Uganda ranks 127th in the world in per-capita public spending on education, and only 66.8% of the population least 15 years old can read and write. In this environment of desperation, the Roman Catholic and Anglican church hierarchies in Europe have been exerting pressure upon Uganda to maintain mandatory religious proselytization classes in its schools, wasting students’ time on unverifiable claims of supernaturalism.

Bucking this trend, the Kasese Humanist Public School offers education to students aged 4-13 without attempting to engage the students in religious conversion. Instead, the basics of reading, writing, mathematics and rational inquiry are taught to students, along with trade skills to help assure students employment when they get older. Our donation to the Kasese Humanist School, through the Atheist Alliance International, will in a small way help the school pay for its supplies and keep the school affordable to struggling youngsters. If this sounds like the kind of effort you could support, check out the school for yourself and consider making your own donation.

One thought on “Irregular Times International Donation: Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda”

  1. Bwambale Robert says:

    Happy to learn of Irregular Times and i am grateful for your support to our school project. Every time i see people acknowledging and appreciating my works,i feel good, i am fully committed to ensuring Ugandans are relieved from the bondage of beliefs in magics and superstitions. I just want them to be themselves,think for themselves and realise that humanity has all the answers to all the problems affecting mankind.

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