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Obama is Poopy and Occupy is Pee-Pee? Conservative America Speaks.

Bern enjoys singing in a Maryland barbershop quartet in his spare time. When he’s not putting on a straw hat, he sends out e-mails explaining why he opposes Barack Obama. In a word, it’s because Barack Obama is poopy. In a message this morning, Bern explained that he’d like me to put these images on shirts for him:

Get it? Barack Obama is Poopy! Back in a Minute, I have to take an Obama t-shirt embarrasses conservative America 99% Need a Bath, Never Employed, On Welfare, Wet the Bed, Brain Washed, On Drugs

And it’s not just Barack Obama that’s the problem, I’m led to believe from Bern’s message. Referring obliquely to the Occupy movement, he explains that “the 99%” pee-pee all over themselves. Has Bern realized that “99%” refers to 99% of Americans? That’s not very patriotic of him to say; he’d better pull out that flag pin, lickety-split.

I might be inclined to chalk up this scatalogical, potty-mouthed and frankly infantile approach to politics to just one unhinged conservative. It might be idiosyncratic… except for the fact that the “I Have to Take an Obama” poo joke shows up 41,200 times in a Google search. Apparently conservative America has been telling this one since 2008.

One thought on “Obama is Poopy and Occupy is Pee-Pee? Conservative America Speaks.”

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s some good news regarding the Greens (Jill Stein) among other interesting topics/speakers and events:

    final paragraph:

    “After that, was Jill Stein’s appearance. It was probably the best political/policy speech I have ever heard. Ever.
    I’ve heard Jill talk before, but never like that…. Very articulate, factual, spirited, savvy, logical… She addressed everything: the economy, the environment, racism, sexism, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the Green New Deal, etc. I’ve never heard any politician run through not only the problems we face, but a solution that can actually work. It was so well done, the media is going to have a pretty hard time making her look like a kook, but lord knows they’ll try. They can’t refute anything she said; they can only invent things she never said, or ignore it entirely. You should check it out, hopefully it’ll be on C-SPAN somewhere.”

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