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Americans Elect Lawyer Inadvertently Calls for Reform of Americans Elect System

In February 2012, Republican state representative and Americans Elect chief legal counsel Dan Winslow said you know it’s time to reform the presidential election system when technical difficulties interfere with democratic process:

MT@politico: Maine GOP lost votes because emails went to spam folder.

Dan Winslow’s right that the Maine Republican Party experienced significant technical difficulties with its caucus, interfering with the vote. But the solution Winslow proposed to reform the presidential selection system — Americans Elect — suffered from just as many if not more technical errors, from granting special website features to some candidates but not others, to glitches that prevented significant proportions of interested Americans from having their voting status verified to inflated delegate counts to undisclosed forms. These technical errors, made on top of strategic and ethical errors, brought Americans Elect to a crashing halt in the month of May.

If we take the Dan Winslow of February seriously, then certainly the Dan Winslow of today can’t be an advocate for the return of an Americans Elect presidential selection system in 2016 — not without a top-down reform.

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