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Propagating in August

Two garden activities await me this morning. The first looks forward – I’ll be trying to propagate lavender cuttings, which are supposed to do well when started towards the end of summer as well as in springtime. The second looks backward – I’ll be cutting down all the dead stalks of the many plants that were killed in this summer’s drought and considerable heat. Only the coneflowers are still blooming, and they’ll be done soon, along with the rest of the flower garden, quite ahead of schedule.

At least my home and garden weren’t burned over like the ones down in Oklahoma, where temperatures have been over 100 degrees for 19 days straight, very little rain has fallen, and Senator James Inhofe still insists that global warming is just a hoax. This latest disaster comes just as new research indicates that it is statistically almost impossible that the extreme heat of the last 12 months is not a manifestation of the human-caused trend of global warming.

Disastrous drought now extends across 56 percent of the United States. The government has set up to keep people up to date.

What are you doing in your garden today?

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