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How Can Secret Money Politics Restore Integrity In Arizona Politics?

arizona super pac mysteryRestoring Arizona’s Integrity is a new Super PAC that describes itself as “dedicated to supporting trustworthy, genuine leadership for a better future for Arizona.” The truth is, though, that the organization hasn’t done anything to support any leadership in Arizona. The only thing that Restoring Arizona’s Integrity has done is to try to diminish one particular leader, Andrei Cherny, one of three congressional candidates in Arizona’s new 9th district. (The other Democratic candidates in the race are David Schapira and Kyrsten Sinema.

It could be that the people behind the Restoring Arizona’s Integrity are associated with Schapira or Sinema. It could also be, however, that allies of one of the seven Republican candidates in the district are behind the anti-Cherny attacks from the super PAC.

Restoring Arizona’s Integrity hasn’t revealed the sources of its donors, so the money to pay for the advertisements against Cherny could have come from anywhere – a corporation, a foreign source, a criminal organization, for all we know. Is allowing this kind of secret money to influence a public election really a way to restore integrity to Arizona?

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