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Americans Elect: If We Can’t Have Ballot Access, You Can’t Either

When Americans Elect paid signature gatherers to obtain a line on the 2012 ballot in state after state, it told us that its actions weren’t selfish. No, Americans Elect said, it was taking action on behalf of the American people, to give us all “more choices on the ballot in November”:

May 16 2012 press release: The Maryland State Board of Elections certified Americans Elect after 18,450 voters signed the petition for more choices on the ballot in November. With ballot access in Maryland Americans Elect has earned over 270 electoral votes, surpassing the necessary majority for the presidential election.

But now that Americans Elect has failed to attract enough support to mount its own presidential bid, the 501(c)(4) corporation has turned around and started to act as an anti-ballot-access organization, denying Americans another choice on the ballot in 2012.

In March of this year, Americans Elect Oklahoma representative David Boren bragged about Americans Elect getting on the ballot and explained that Americans Elect “breaks up the monopoly of the two parties. It opens up the political process.” But in August of this year, as head of the Americans Elect party in Oklahoma, the same David Boren is standing down while the national Americans Elect corporate executive Kahlil Byrd demands that its own ballot access be revoked in the state. Why? Some libertarians won control of the the local Americans Elect party and were planning to use the line to run their favored candidate, Gary Johnson. That kind of opening up of the political process is unacceptable to Americans Elect.

As late as August 11 2012, the Secretary of State of Nevada had listed Americans Elect as one of its ballot-qualified political parties:

On August 11 2012, Americans Elect was one of Nevada's ballot-qualified political parties

But as of today, Americans Elect has successfully acted to remove its own ballot line in Nevada, getting its own party status revoked:

By August 16 2012, Americans Elect had succeeded in getting its own ballot access revoked

In Florida, Americans Elect has threatened to sue anyone who uses the Americans Elect party line to run a candidate for office.

It appears that for Americans Elect, adding choice to the ballot was only acceptable if national headquarters was in control of the choice.

3 thoughts on “Americans Elect: If We Can’t Have Ballot Access, You Can’t Either”

  1. AE Transparency says:

    Those who steadfastly defended AECorp founder, Grand Wizard, and Wall Street tycoon Peter Ackerman as a selfless “traitor to his class”, seeking only to throw the electoral process open to the ‘little people’, should learn from this…but undoubtedly won’t. Americans Elect, like its unindicted co-conspirators No Labels and the Common Sense Coalition, was never anything more than a cynical astroturf plot to promote a corporatist agenda of austerity for everyone except corporations and their top executives.

    Stay tuned for yet more thrills and chills when AECorp makes good on its promise to “See You In 2013!”

  2. Richard Grayson says:

    So far, we who are running in the Americans Elect Party primary in Arizona (early voting is underway; primary date is Tuesday, August 38) — neither Stephen Dolgos or myself who are running for Congress as Americans Elect candidates nor, as far as I know, the local Americans Elect candidates running in Cochise County — have heard a word from these people. Arizona election law trumps any action on their part. (Hey, if you listen to some people, Arizona law trumps every other law in this country!)

    The Americans Elect Party is alive and well and has candidates on the ballot now in Arizona. Good luck to our colleagues in Oklahoma!

  3. Martin Roberts says:

    America was never about finding a new third party candidate. It was rigged from the beginning to use our money to run one of the boards and Ackermans favortie candidate. Every penny that donated should be returned as they baited and switched the entire American public.

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