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I’d Rather Just Pick Up the Mustard Seed, Thanks

Seen at the Chestnut Street Baptist Church, with reference to Matthew 17:20…


I consider myself a doubter, and speaking for myself (unlike the preacher who put up that sign) I don’t actually think I need faith the size of a mountain to move a mustard seed.  I don’t need any faith at all.  All I need is to walk over yonder and pick up the mustard seed myself.

4 thoughts on “I’d Rather Just Pick Up the Mustard Seed, Thanks”

  1. Alger says:

    Really, this sign seems like a classic straw man argument. Who among actual, living and breathing skeptics has actually ever said anything such as what is presented on this sign?

    The reality is that Christians ask us to take a monumentally huge leap of faith – as big as the universe itself, without even a mustard seed’s worth of evidence to back it up.

    The church sign has it backwards.

  2. Ralph says:

    I think I need a miniscule amount of strength and a basic modicum of manual dexterity to move a mustard seed. I mean, if someone asked me to pass them a jar full of thousands of mustard seeds, I’d just do it. I wouldn’t say, hang on a second, I need to go get faith as big as thousands of mountains.

    It doesn’t make any literal sense. So, is it a metaphor. If it is, I don’t follow it.

    I mean, faith is a thing that causes you to believe something, right? Assumptions, deductions, and various other cognitive processes cause you to believe something too. Can assumptions or deductions move things around?

    Can an assumption the size of a Buick move a watermelon?

    1. Jim says:

      I knew someone once who had an assumption the size of a buick. She was more of a donut person than a watermelin person.

      1. Ralph says:

        I once had faith the size of a mountain. Made it out of a mole hill. Apparently you can do that.

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