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Republicans Unsettled, Democrats Absent at Maine’s Union Fair 2012

In 2010, Democrats set up a poorly-staffed table in a shed with a few pieces of literature at the Union Fair in Knox County, Maine. Republicans had a prominently-placed tent at which they were selling sweatshop-made promotional material.

In 2011, Knox County Democrats were gone entirely from the Union Fair, while Knox County Republicans sold shirts with GOP Elephants crapping out little Democratic Party Donkeys from their rear ends. Those shirts were made by abused workers in Nicaragua.

This year, the Democratic Party still has no presence at the Union Fair. The Knox County Republicans are giving out literature insisting that Islam is wrong, America is a Christian nation, that contraception should be banned and that gay and lesbian couples should be shunned. The smiling woman at the tent with whom I conversed expressed concern that Maine’s Ron Paul delegates wouldn’t be seated at the Republican National Convention next week. “I don’t know why the convention can’t just include everybody,” she said with frustration.

Knox County Republican Party Tent at the Union Fair, August 2012

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