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Christian Leader Literally Drunk With Power In San Francisco

For years, Salvatore Cordileone has waged a vicious campaign to deny the right of gays and lesbians to live in the equality that is guaranteed them by the Constitution. He led the effort to pass Proposition 8, revoking the right to marry for huge numbers of couples in California.

Why would Cordileone try to stop other people from getting married? He simply didn’t like the idea of their marriages, and he figured that he had the right to impose his personal opinions on everybody else. Also, Cordileone never married himself, so he decided that he would be a better judge of what makes a good marriage.

Salvatore Cordileone once declared, “My stance is marriage can only be between a man and a woman. I don’t see how that is discriminatory against anyone.” At the time, people shook their heads, wondering how anyone could make such a nonsensical decision. Now we have a clue: Cordileone may have been drunk when he made the statement.

This weekend, Salvatore Cordileone was arrested for drunk driving down in San Diego. It seems that Cordileone thinks that it’s immoral for people who love each other to get married, but that it’s perfectly fine for people who have become intoxicated by drinking loads of alcohol to climb behind the wheel of a car and go careening down the street, threatening the lives of everyone else on the road.

Salvatore Cordileone had been chosen this summer by the Vatican to be the new archbishop of San Francisco, in thanks for his particularly efficient methods of intolerance.

Archbishop? You know, I didn’t go to Catholic school when I was a kid, so I never learned Latin. So I need some help with the translation of this term. Is “arch” the Latin word for drunk?

4 thoughts on “Christian Leader Literally Drunk With Power In San Francisco”

  1. Tom says:

    That’s great Peregrine. It’s so much fun catching these “holier than thou” types fucking up. I’m sure he’ll make a fine Bishop – i wonder how many pedophile priests he moved around (or if he “dabbled” himself) to avoid prosecution? Maybe we’ll find out.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      It’s the holier than thou part that really bothers me.

      I understand that everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t want to judge people just for making mistakes.

      The problem with the Roman Catholic Church is that it claims to be morally superior to the rest of us, even though history has given examples over and over and over again showing how that’s not the case at all!

  2. Tom says:

    Here’s another one you can add to the hypocrite list (via dependable renegade):

    A longtime anti-gay activist, California Prop 8 donor, and elementary school teacher was taken into custody on August 17th after admitting inappropriate contact with young boys.Caleb Douglas Hesse, a teacher for the Morongo Unified School District since 1987 (most recently, he was teaching first grade at Friendly Hills Elementary School in Joshua Tree) and a longtime youth volunteer with the virulently homophobic Evangelical Free Church of Yucca Valley, has confessed to sexually abusing “numerous underage boys,” with authorities believe the crimes occurred between the early 1980’s and as recently as a week ago.”

  3. Tom says:

    The same applies to “Homeland Security” – like they’re completely by the book, trustworthy, and looking out for our safety. Yeah right:

    Hundreds of DHS employees arrested for laptop thefts, drug smuggling, other crimes
    Some Homeland Security Department employees have found creative ways to supplement their government salary.

    A Citizen and Immigration Services worker charged $1,500 to approve citizenship applications. A Customs and Border Patrol agent collected $5,000 to smuggle 30 undocumented aliens across the border. Another officer received $10,000 to let a car filled with 1,700 pounds of marijuana through a port of entry into the United States.

    An annual summary from Homeland Security’s inspector general said the department initiated 1,389 investigations into internal matters, leading to 318 arrests and 260 convictions of DHS employees. In 2011, the auditor — which describes itself as “the principal agency within the department with the authority to investigate employee corruption” — found instances of bribery, child pornography and “nonconsensual sexual contact” with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees among the crimes DHS staff allegedly committed.

    The investigations resulted in fines, restitutions and administrative cost savings of more than $45 million, the report said. Many of the employees face significant prison sentences in addition to termination from their positions.
    (there’s more)

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