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Things that Make You Go Hmm… Episode #221, The Common Sense Coalition on Facebook

Two pieces of social media data that make me go hmm:

The Common Sense Coalition's most common city of Facebook fans is Jakarta Indonesia?  And the most common age category for a fan of The Common Sense Coalition is 13-17 years old?

After a brief big spike from nothing to a lot, the Common Sense Coalition is back to not getting new likes.

Quite a spike up and back down there in new likes per week for The Common Sense Coalition… and a rather unusual fan base for an 501c4 corporation advocating tax and spending restructuring favorable to the financial sector … of the United States, not the city of Jakarta and not the nation of Indonesia. I do have to say, it’s refreshing to see 13-17 year olds taking such an interest in cuts to retirees’ Medicare benefits. Who says those whippersnappers don’t pay attention?

I know. Maybe we should import the 13-17 year old Jakartans so they can reinvigorate our American political scene. I’m sure there’s a job we could find for such civic-minded kids, one they’re qualified for.

One thought on “Things that Make You Go Hmm… Episode #221, The Common Sense Coalition on Facebook”

  1. Bill says:

    Wake me up when FB introduces a ‘Don’t Like’ button.

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